Appliance Repair El Paso Service Tech Suggests Washer Repair and Maintenance Tips to Avoid Disaster

A burst washing machine hose can quickly flood a home causing major damage


A burst washing machine hose can quickly flood a home causing major damage

El Paso, TX – The Appliance Repair El Paso service technician with SoBellas provides useful information about washing machine care and maintenance. People visiting his website can learn tips to save money and improve washer performance and efficiency.

To reduce the chance of malfunction leading to expensive appliance repair fees, care and maintenance is critical. The washer repair man explains how failure to maintain the appliance will cause it to overwork, leading to premature failure and costly repairs.

According to the Appliance Repair El Paso experts, it is important the washer is properly installed and level to prevent an imbalance that can cause loud noise and excess wear and tear on the machine. More tips provided by the washer repair man with SoBellas Appliance Service ( include:

Make sure water faucets are in good condition and replaces hoses every 5 years to prevent leaking or bursting which can quickly flood a home and cause major damage

Check drain hoses to be sure they are properly seated in the stand pipe and draining freely. Improper draining can lead to the pump overheating and burning out

Do not overload the machine and use only the proper amount of detergent. Excess weight and too much suds will cause the machine to over work

SoBellas Appliance Service encourages consumers to visit their site often to learn more tips for saving money and getting more out of appliances. By following simple maintenance and care tips people can extend the life of the washing machine and avoid hazards leading to serious water damage.

SoBellas Appliance Repair can fix most brands of washing machines including Kenmore, Whirlpool, Electrolux, Maytag and more. The can provide solutions to washing machine problems like poor spinning, leaks, noises and cycle issues. Visit to learn more.

About SoBellas Appliance LLC: SoBellas Appliance Repair is authorized to service most makes and models of home appliances. SoBellas also provides appliance maintenance service including dryer vent cleaning. With over 35 years experience in the appliance service industry, owner Mike LaBeau has served area residents since 2008. SoBellas screened technicians provide same-day appliance service and provide a 1 year warranty on parts and labor.