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Ten Hottest Careers

What do you want to be when you grow up? If you are still trying to figure out which career path you want to follow, examine the following list of occupations currently considered the ten hottest careers:

1. Elementary school teachers2. Accountants and auditors3. Computer systems analysts4. Secondary school teachers5. Computer software engineers6. Special education teachers7. Computer programmers8. Network and computer systems administrators9. Preschool teachers10. Dental hygienistsThese ten hot careers are expected to have the highest demand for new recruits over the next eight years. Born to teach?If you love meeting new people and enjoy interacting with a wide range of personalities, teaching may be the right career choice for you. Four of the ten hottest careers are in the teaching profession. It doesnÂ’t matter if you prefer to work with younger or older students because teachers are needed in every age range and category. If you love a challenge, consider working with special needs children or adults and become a special education teacher. Special education teachers are in very high demand and are one of the top five career choices available out of the ten hottest careers. Computer savvy?Considering that five of the ten hottest careers are computer related, if you have a knack for logging on and are interested in increasing and expanding your computer skills, a career in computers may very well be the right choice for you. Take some time to analyze the ten hottest careers profiled on this page and consider all of the choices carefully. Knowing that there is a high and growing demand for qualified people in each of these occupations may help you decide to pursue one of these jobs.

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