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Do ugly women feel the same as ugly men?

There have been a lot of research studies made about ugly people. When I say ugly people I don’t just mean ugly men, but also ugly women, even though they are trying very hard to hide the fact that they are ugly through make-up, cosmetics, clothing items and a lot more things similar to that. It is a very sad thing, but ugly men and ugly women are sometimes castaways of the society and a lot of them take refuge in books and other things like that which do not require any human contact.

Because sometimes ugly people are excluded from social groups because of the way they look on the outside, they sometimes are withdrawn and you can earn their trust very hard. This makes some of them to be sad and not very fun to be around due to lack of communication. Others are afraid to try and make new friends, because they do not want to be rejected. However, there are many ugly people who are fun to be with, no matter the way they look like. They have a lot of friends, because they do not let the way they look on the outside to run their lives.

Though it is difficult, ugly men and ugly women can start their own families and live a happy, full life in spite of what they look like. I said it is difficult because the society we live in and the people in it can be full of prejudice, thus judging people first based on their looks, because this is the first thing they perceive. A lot of ugly people who are conscious about themselves, but are not stressed out about their looks, can manage any difficult situation without feeling embarrassed in the case of a negative answer and find the strength within them to overcome that situation and go after what they want in less complicated manners than most people.

Nowadays, ugly women find it easier to hide their looks behind a wall of cosmetic products. This is not always the best option for them, because it doesn’t always do the trick. Some men prefer to enjoy the company of a natural woman, and not a mask of cosmetics.

A good example about make-up addicts are movie stars who always seem to look their best using tons of make-up they have applied. Take down that layer and you will see the real person beneath, but there is no guarantee you will like that person. There are people that preoccupy themselves a little too much with the way they look making their good looks their main objective in life. You can engage in really interesting conversations with anyone who is not good looking. On the contrary, they might just be the opposite. Very good-looking persons might be found in situations where they have nothing to say. And it happens to them on a more frequent basis than it happens to ugly men and ugly women.

Though every person has potential, some more than others, few succeed in reaching their full possibilities. Withdrawn people are the ones who can make it in life far better than others, because they invest time and energy in things that can help them throughout their lives. If you sit and think about it, how many doctors or computer geniuses have you seen that are very good looking? I don’t want to say that all of the people who managed to fulfill a career dream in a field that requires more brains than looks are ugly. But those people were throughout their lives preoccupied by knowledge and didn’t think much of looking perfect for anybody else.

Now you shouldn’t be under the impression that all ugly men and women are smart and accomplished. Some of them are ugly, because they fail to take care of themselves and the way they look. Advertising of ugly people has been done over the internet over the years. This kind of pictures of really ugly men and ugly women has been displayed in order to show people all over the world how ugly can somebody be. Though they are not quite pleasant at first sight, some of them can make a person laugh.Thoughugly womencan resort to make-up in order to better their looks, the majority ofugly menfeel better than women when it comes to their looks because they don’t try to look perfect no matter what. That has always been the case with men and women.

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