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 Birmingham, MI – A dumpster rental Birmingham MI company gives a breakdown of different dumpster types and associated sizes with each. Dumpsters are great companions when it comes to cleaning big junk. One often perceives it as that familiar receptacle, sitting by the curb, to which one can freely throw their garbage into. However, dumpsters are not to be limited as one static container; in fact, it is of various kinds designed to handle different waste situations. Dumpster Rental Birmingham MI shares the many faces of a dumpster and how each kind is used for a particular necessity.

Front Loader Containers

These dumpsters are particular dumpsters made with slots on each side, where the dump trucks can stick front attachments into. When these spikes are locked in place, the vehicle can move the container over the truck and is dumped into the top of the garbage container. There are many sizes of front loader dumpsters, but the most common ranges from 2 to 8 cubic yards.

Back Loader Containers

This has a more complicated mechanism than the first container, Dumpster Rental Birmingham MI states. It is used with a method that involves a hinge system and a winch in its sides. There are two poles extending upwardly from the front lip of the dumpster, which can be locked into place with the dump truck’s bottom lip opening. A special hook is attached to a winch of the truck, and then fastened to a hole upon the back of the container. This hook pulls up all the waste within the storage, and ranges to sizes the same as the front load containers.

Roll Off Dumpsters

The largest bins available for garbage disposal, Roll Off Dumpsters can take out trash as big as 40 cubic yards. These receptacles are loaded with a robotic arm, or with a winch and sled. The robotic arm grabs a hook at the end of these dumpsters and pulls it to the flooring of the truck. The one with the winch and sled lifts the metal floor off the bed and lets the bin be locked to the winch. The sled is tilted to a horizontal position angle.

Dumpster customers would familiarize themselves with these types of dumpsters and see which receptacle kind is more profitable for them. Dumpster Rental Birmingham MI (http://www.birminghamdumpster.org) offers a wide variety of containers, with the aim to keep their community clean and garbage free. See this article for more details: http://www.emailwire.com/release/78056-Dumpster-Rental-Birmingham-MI-Promotes-a-Cleaner-and-Better-Place-to-Live.html.

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