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Waste management service provider Dumpster Rental Waterford MI shares information about the disposal of paper items, particularly phone books, and the benefits of properly discarding them.


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Waterford, MI – Local Dumpster Man Dumpster Rental Waterford MI discloses interesting details about disposing paper based products, particularly phone books. Paper is among the most disposed item everyday, with various products made out of this popular, highly efficient material. The production of paper represents 1.2% of the total economic output within the whole world. It makes up more than 40% of the landfill composition, making it a popularly discarded material along with plastic.

While apparently, millions of tons of paper products are being produced and disposed of everyday, the good news is that more and more people are learning to recycle paper. Dumpster Rental Waterford MI (http://www.waterforddumpster.com) reveals that back in 2007, there was more than 54.3 million tons of paper that were salvaged for recycling in the country. This means that 56% of the paper used by the entire population; 360 pounds for every single person within the US.

Recycling Phone books

The company puts a focus on phone books, which is one of the most difficult paper items to dispose of. Each year, the country produces new phone books as well as business directories for each and every customer. There are enough phone books created to fill the distance of 106,700 miles, lining up from end to end. By calculating the distance, these phone books can circle the earth 4.28 times. But these pages are 100% recyclable, and when recovered properly, these can be used to make new phone books.

As opposed to how the disposal of these bulky paper goods is perceived, phone books can be easily recycled. dumpster Man Dumpster Rental Waterford MI shares that these can be dropped off regularly into the recycling bin, along with other paper-made items, and can be left in the curbside for pick-up. By recycling these books, the state can save 17 to 31 trees, 463 gallons of oil, and 7,000 gallons of water and 3.06 cubic yards of landfill space. This study is shared by the American Forest and Paper Association.

Dumpster Man Dumpster Rental Waterford MI is a locally established waste management company that seeks to encourage their customers with appropriate garbage disposal. They are accommodating both industrial and residential use of their dumpsters. Recently, the company posts an article about different projects which can be benefited by leasing dumpsters. Read the story through this link: http://www.emailwire.com/release/printPR.php?prID=78882.

About Dumpster Man: Dumpster Man provides roll off dumpster rental service within Waterford Twp, White Lake Twp, Highland Twp, Commerce Twp, Wolverine Lake, Orchard Lake Village, West Bloomfield Twp, Keego Harbor, Sylvan Lake, Pontiac, Auburn Hills, Lake Angelus, Independence Twp, Clarkston, and the surrounding Metro Detroit MI Area. The company is growing, because it is serving customers efficiently and effectively. They know that most people do not know how to manage waste. Waste management is more than providing a container to hold trash. It involves delivering a roll off container to the correct location on time. The real work, however, begins after picking up the dumpster canister. There is more than simply taking garbage to a landfill and dumping it. There are many recycling rules and special requirements to properly handle hazardous waste. You can learn more information by calling (248) 796-8445 or visiting http://www.WaterfordDumpster.com.

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