Eden Prairie Electrician with Norske Electric Explains the Advantage of Using LED Lighting

Value, Performance and Energy Savings are great reasons to have LED lighting installed by Norske Electric


Eden Prairie, MN – One local electrician keeps busy installing LED lighting in homes and businesses in his community. The Eden Prairie electrician with Norske Electric explains the benefits of using LED lighting. The unmatched value, performance and energy savings are the top reasons why LED lighting has grown in popularity.

As explained by the Eden Prairie electrician, LED lighting provides a great return on investment. The high-efficiency lighting saves energy and is easy to maintain with long LED lifespan that eliminates bulb replacement. LED lighting is a universal-fit system designed for reliable performance with new or retrofit projects and engineered for optimal light distribution.

Norske Electric (http://electricianedenprairie.com/) will send a local electrician to evaluate the property and help the customer determine the right lighting for all their needs. Some of the applications of LED lighting include:

LED Canopy Down Light – This luminary series has a universal fit system suited to both retrofit projects and new construction and offers up to 73% total energy savings over non-LED fixtures. It improves visibility with vibrant, crisp, uniform lighting that provides gentle illumination on surrounding areas to create a safe and comfortable customer experience.

Walk-in and Reach-in Coolers – LED vertical lighting provides a glare-free illumination with a concealed light source. The true white lights enhance product visibility and the cool-touch lighting with motion sensors promotes cooler efficiency with up to 85% total energy savings.

Border Tubing and Accent Lights – LED-based tubing is more durable and energy efficient, using less voltage compared to neon lighting. It is designed for use in accenting the canopy or equipment and is available in a variety of colors and sizes.

Interior and Exterior Soffit Lighting – LED linear overhead soffit lighting is the most efficient area lighting solution for indoor and outdoor applications with dimming option or motion sensors available.

Norske Electric is widely recognized for their high quality products and their dedication to excellence. Their commitment to quality workmanship sets them apart from other Eden Prairie electrical contractors. Contact Norske Electric for details on rebates and incentives. Visit http://www.norskeelectric.com/ to learn more.

About Norske Electric:
Norske Electric was founded by seasoned professionals that bring over twenty years of experience to the table. Their electrical contractors are absolutely committed to providing the best quality products, services and customer focus based on each clients’ unique needs. Norske Electric is committed to quality and excellence with customer satisfaction and peace of mind being top priority.