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10 Technology Skills That Will No Longer Help You Get A Job (readwriteweb)

If you want to know the most in-demand tech skills, that info is readily
available. Want to learn the programming skills most coveted by employers?
Done. But what are the skills and specialties that no one wants any more? What
core competencies raise red flags instead of call backs?

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Skills Most Coveted By Employers.)**

A survey of 1,100 tech-hiring professionals by Dice, a job firm for tech
professionals, offers some insight. Combining the Dice survey and other
research, including an off-the-record conversation with an engineering VP who
participates in hiring decisions, here are some of the outdated tech skills
and withering technologies to be wary of putting on your resume:

## 1. Windows XP Admin/Help Desk

Many IT professionals, from engineers to help desk support workers to system
administrators, have significant XP experience. Unfortunately, this may no
longer be a useful attribute. Windows XP still holds the #2 spot for desktop
operating market share (just behind Windows 7), but it’s fate is sealed.
Microsoft ended XP license sales more than two years ago and plans to cease
supporting it in less than …

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