Fort Lauderdale Suggests 10 Reasons to Call DUCTZ for HVAC Inspection and Duct Cleaning Service

There are 10 important factors to consider when deciding if an HVAC inspection and maintenance service is needed


Fort Lauderdale FL – The local duct cleaning and HVAC inspection service technician lists 10 reasons home and business owners may be concerned about their indoor air quality. Dave Pisan, owner of DUCTZ, addresses many concerns and provides solutions to give consumers peace of mind. DUCTZ is the most reliable and qualified duct cleaning service in the nation, with over 160 independently owned locations in major market areas.

Dave Pisan suggests 10 critical factors to consider when deciding if duct cleaning service is necessary. People should ask themselves these important questions:

• Moving into a new home?
• Do residents suffer from asthma or allergies?
• Are there black streaks near vents or black particles blowing out?
• Has there been any recent remodeling or construction?
• Has there been a history of mold in the home?
• Are there signs of fire or smoke damage, or did previous occupants smoke?
• Is there an unexplained odor in the home?
• Is there a history of rodent or insect problems in the home?
• Do pets live in the home or did previous owners have pets?
• Do residents wake up congested, tired and have frequent head aches?

The highly qualified duct cleaning and HVAC service technicians with DUCTZ ( address all of these concerns as they work to eliminate hazards that lurk inside the duct work. Another reason for concern is if newborn babies or elderly people live in the home or have medial conditions that result in a compromised immune system.

DUCTZ duct cleaning technicians can help reduce exposure to certain allergy triggers in homes and businesses. Customers who call DUCTZ receive a personalized inspection of their air ducts and heating and cooling system.

David Pisan encourages area residents and business owners to take advantage of his knowledge and expertise that comes from being one of the oldest and the most respected duct cleaning companies in the US. Call DUCTZ to schedule a no-pressure, free inspection and enjoy peace of mind that the indoor air quality is up to standards. Visit to learn more.