Fort Wayne Residents Enjoy Superior Service from Surface Encounters Granite Countertops Installation Team

Surface Encounters customers are treated like family with continuing service long after new granite countertops have been installed


¬†Fort Wayne, IN — Surface Encounters Granite Countertops Installation team creates and installs natural stone surfaces in homes and businesses. Granite countertops are beautiful and durable and they will last a lifetime. Surface Encounters encourages their customers to call anytime they have questions about granite countertops care and maintenance.

Surface Encounters customer service continues long after their new granite countertops installation is complete. Granite is very easy to care for, requiring little maintenance; however, there are some things the customer can do to ensure long-lasting beauty.

Most people know they should use coasters under glasses and trivets under hot dishes, but many do not know how to clean and maintain their new granite countertops. Surface Encounters ( carries a variety of products specifically designed for cleaning natural stone surfaces.

Surface Encounters granite countertops installation specialists encourage people to call them any time they have questions about their granite countertops even if they were not fabricated and installed by them.

Surface Encounters is improving the world one surface at a time; their customers include homeowners, architects, interior designers, kitchen/bath retailers, builders, designers, mill working companies and cabinet companies. Visit to learn more.