Granite Countertops Harsens Island Created by Surface Encounters with Advanced Technology in a Stone-aged Industry

Their use of computer controlled equipment allows the company to eliminate human error while saving money on labor costs, a savings that is passed on to the customer


Harsens Island MI — Surface Encounters granite countertops manufacturers have invested over one million dollars in high tech automated equipment. All cutting and shaping of the granite countertops is automated; therefore, eliminating human error and producing a perfect cut and finish.

Granite countertops add style and grace to kitchens and bathrooms. Their long-lasting durability, upscale looks and superior performance makes granite countertops a wise investment. Granite countertops will last for generations and never fade or lose their appeal.

According to Chuck Russo, owner of Surface Encounters (, more than 95% of granite countertops fabricators cut and shape the stone by hand. “We believe our investment in the equipment was well worth the cost because it allows us to provide high-quality work with a fast turn-around time to ensure customer satisfaction and price assurance,” said Russo.

Surface Encounters invests in the equipment where other companies rely on the old-school, hands-on methods which lead to errors and create installation problems. Paying employees to hand cut and finish the edge of new granite countertops takes time and money; therefore, creating payroll cost and allowing imperfections. No matter how experienced the technician is, a perfect cut and finish is impossible to attain with human beings using hand tools.

Surface Encounters is able to manufacture granite countertops quicker than the average company without errors and imperfections. Their use of computer controlled equipment allows the company to save money on labor costs and pass the savings onto the customer.

Surface Encounters invites consumers to visit a showroom to learn more about the advanced process of fabricating quality granite countertops, quartz, marble and other natural stone surfaces. For convenience, they are open 7 days a week. Visit to learn more.

About Surface Encounters:
Surface Encounters has over 100 years accumulated experience fabricating and installing natural stone and granite countertops. Surface Encounters state of the art machinery ensures the highest quality finished product with satisfaction guaranteed. Surface Encounters is dedicated to improving the world one granite countertop at a time. Granite countertops will last a lifetime and never go out of style.