Indianapolis Chiropractor Mass Ave Chiropractor and DRS Protocol

The DRS Protocol used by the Indianapolis Chiropractor is an all-embracing combination of pain therapy techniques that include a number of therapeutic approaches

The DRS Protocol, implemented by Indianapolis Chiropractor, Dr. Joseph Kielur of Mass Ave Chiropractic, is an all-encompassing blend of treatment methods that include axial/spinal decompression, and some other treatment solutions. DRS or Decompression, Reduction and Stabilization, is a “patient targeted healthcare” making use of the very best Indianapolis chiropractic methods.
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Since the Indianapolis Chiropractor created the DRS Protocol, Dr. Kielur and his clients have acknowledged that it is the most practical pain management solution for neck and back pain as well as chronic disc problems such as degenerative disc disease, sciatica, numbness and tingling of feet and hands, and futile back surgical operations among others. Dr. Kielur and his health care professionals with the Mass Ave Indianapolis Chiropractic Clinic deliver specifically personalized treatments to fulfill each patient’s own individual needs because he is aware of how different each patient’s health and conditions are.

During the course of one interview Dr. Kielur detailed how the DRS Protocol works by utilizing an axial or distractive force to the injured disc areas while intradiscal force is reduced from a positive to a negative. The negative pressure boosts the diffusion of water, oxygen and nutrients into the vertebral disc area; therefore, rehydrating the degenerated disc and decreasing pressure to alleviate pain.

The Indianapolis Chiropractor continues to illustrate how this practice diminishes the unpleasant herniation and pain caused by other disc-related degenerative conditions. The pressure relief helps to strengthen blood circulation to the injured area to moderate the discomfort, increase mobility, and encourage tissue repair. Research studies have attested the DRS Protocol is a front-line, recognized treatment option for patients with certain neck and back pain syndromes.