Jesus Second Coming Explained: Revelation of Hope Free Seminar at Seventh Day Adventist Church in Waterford

Local pastor presents Bible Prophecy series of lectures beginning with Revelation’s Prescription for Peace of Mind


Waterford, MI — The Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Waterford will host a free Bible Prophecy Seminar, open to the public, all denominations, believers and non-believers.  Everyone interested, including sinners and saints are welcome.  This event is appropriate for all Christian believers, no matter what church they belong to.  All material presented will be straight from the New King James Bible which most Christians believe to be absolutely true and relevant today.


Pastor John Hood will present the following topics of great interest:


  • Ancient Bible Truths Revealed
  • Revelation Predictions for a New Millennium
  • Revelation Greatest End-time Signs
  • Revelation Biggest Surprise
  • Revelation Prescription for Peace of Mind
  • Revelation Source of Spiritual Power
  • Revelation Most Amazing Prophecy


Jesus is coming soon ( so now is the time to learn about Jesus second coming.  Though many scholars have tried to predict the event, the Bible does not reveal exactly when Jesus will return, but it does clearly state what will happen and who will be saved.


Pastor John Hood will be the keynote speaker presenting great themes and prophecies of the Bible in a dynamic, clear and Christ-centered manner.  John became an ordained minister in 1983 and is currently a full-time pastor leading two area Seventh Day Adventist churches.


Pastor Hood is eager to share Gospel-filled messages in multi-media presentations.  He holds a Master of Divinity degree plus post-graduate studies in systematic theology.  He invites everyone to come with their questions because he believes that these messages will provide the answers of hope to people of any culture, social background or age. 


People who have heard Pastor John Hood speak say they appreciate his friendly, straightforward approach to sharing the Word.  The free Bible Prophecy Seminar will be held in the Church Auditorium at 5725 Pontiac Lake Rd; Waterford, MI  48327.


Opening night is Friday, March 7 at 7:00pm and all lectures are free to attend with absolutely no obligation.  This presentation is not an actual series where the listener will be lost if they miss the lecture from the evening before, so attend one, two, three or all!  Registration is not required, but it is encouraged.  Learn more at



About the Seventh-Day Adventist Church:  The mission is to prepare for the second coming of Jesus Christ; to nurture church members through Christian encouragement and support; to reach out to the community with the good news of salvation and the truth about God and his character.  Seventh-Day Adventists accept the Bible as their only creed and hold certain fundamental beliefs to be the teaching of the Holy Scriptures.  




Waterford-Riverside SDA Church

5725 Pontiac Lake Rd
Waterford, MI  48327-2116