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Sales job opportunities have increased in the recent times with several companies springing up and thus resulting in promotion and sales of products of variety. Sales job has a basic requirement of being a graduate with a 4 year degree in BA/ BS, from the applicants. What is prized in addition to this is work experience.

Some companies may accept applicants with no previous work experience but would welcome applications with experience too. Other companies state very precisely the number of years of work experience that they are looking for. Some companies look for 1 year, some 2 or more, others may even demand 5-10 years of previous experience.

Generally the newer and small scale companies still accept graduates with a good grade record and no previous experience in to their sales work. But the large scale companies demand more and more job experience the larger they get.

Firstly there are too many graduates applying for a very constricted number of sales job vacancies. Secondly, experience is a big issue since the recent graduates cannot boast of any and the pendulum always swings to the side of the experienced ones. The inexperienced ones who get through do not hold a very advantageous position. This lot gets the sub-standard jobs, being experienced in which would not help them much in securing better jobs in the future or the jobs would be too unsatisfying. These problems have become very dominating in spite of sales job opportunities.

For this reason gaining the required business training is important. Obtaining the training in business sales increases the chances of getting a good job much higher than otherwise.

One of the options is to get admitted into sales training programs for graduates. Such training that is so specialized and covers all the aspects of job requirements is very hard to be located. It is only meaningful to enroll into such a program if it encompasses all the aspects of training. Otherwise it is all futile as the aim of such training- securing a job, will not be accomplished.

Some consultancies lack the ability to minutely focus on all the detailing of the training specifically because they do not possess the comprehensive idea of the requirements of the sales jobs employment.

Only the very efficient companies which are highly rated offer the candidates, creative and new ways of training them in sales work according to the role in the sales they want to take up. Their role could vary from being a sales accountant, to a general sales representative to a specialized sales representative. These consultancies not only train, they also have contacts with the companies who require sales employee and they can instate the trainees into one of these organizations.

Moreover for somebody opting sales employment should also have the proper social skills and attitude. With the power to influence and convince the potential customer by their gestures and their gift of gab, they could achieve success even without any form of previous experience.

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