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Knoxville is the state of Tennessee’s third largest city. In 2008 Knoxville was named one of the ten (10) top Metropolitan hotspots in America, by Forbes Magazine. Forbes also listed the city in its top five (5) cities for business and careers. Job seekers’ attempts to get jobs in Knoxville are usually far more successful than those attempting to get jobs in other cities of America.

Over the years, the Knoxville job market has continued to remain constant, even though there are instances where cyclical jumps have occurred. The city has a varied market that is encompassed with numerous types of industries. According to a survey done by Manpower on Knoxville, the brightest set of job prospects can be found in the areas of construction, trade, finance and public administration.

The surest way to improve your job prospects in Knoxville is to ensure that you have some sort of college background. Graduates are usually quicker to get jobs in Knoxville than a non-graduate, but graduates are usually required to have some skills related to their interested area of work. There are, however, an increased amount of high-school leavers who are becoming employed without a basic skill.

In most cases, a college student is usually recommended to apply for a job while they are in school, this can be on or off campus, and usually provides them with work experience as well as helps them to develop and/or hone skills that will be needed in the future. There may be instances where a college student cannot obtain a job while they are in school. In these cases, students are recommended to take up voluntary opportunities. Individuals who volunteer usually stand out to employers, as it shows the passion that the job seeker has for the subject area.

It should be noted that voluntary opportunities are not limited to college students, anyone can become a volunteer.

There are a lot of jobs in Knoxville that requires internship or previous work placement. A college student is able to gain experience relating to their chosen industry by working for organizations in their work placement program during their college tenure. These experiences equip individuals with the necessary skills needed for an official job as well as opportunities for networking. Individuals who are not eligible for college acceptance can seek other routes for educational advancements. There are a lot of mentorship programs for teens as well as adults of Knoxville

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