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Laptops have revolutionized the realm of personal computing. When computers were first arrived on the scene, they were large and cumbesom not to mention quite costly. Then desktop versions came along and boasted more user-friendly features. At first, desktops were expensive but later their price declined. This was because more manufacturers joined in the field of computer manufacturing.

As popular as desktops were, they had some limitations. One could not move from a localized place which essentially meant that people like businessmen, researchers, students and tourists could not work if they were away from their homes or offices. That led to the invention of laptops.

Today there are numerous companies which cover make laptops. The well-known ones are Dell, Toshiba, HP/Compaq, Lenovo, Sony, and Apple. Today, laptops have become immensely popular.

One of the reason for their popularity is the personal convenience they afford. Being small makes them easy to carry to work, school, home and even inside a plane. New technology has made them even more powerful and smaller.

Laptops also contain all the features found in desktops. New technology has been successful in shrinking all the essential working parts of a desktop and crammed them into a laptop to improve performance. As a consequence, it is not hard to see laptops that are just as powerful as desktops and even  more

If you are shopping for great laptops for sale, let us look at s few points you need to consider:

Many people just use laptops for basic computing, namely writing and receiving emails and surfing the net and viewing photos and videos. These do not require very expensive laptops. A 2GB, 80GB, 128MB graphics card and 802.1/g wireless capability is sufficient. 

Then there are those who use computers for more demanding tasks. These include computer programmers, graphic designers, animators, web designers, networkd engineers and such. These would need about 3-4BG memory, 2.00GHz intel processor and also larger storage systems such as 160-200GB hard disk space.

There are many different places where one can get a great laptops. We recommend that you hit the yellow pages and look for the closest computer stores to you. These should not be hard to find. Then pay them a visit and look at the computers yourself.

Another place where you can find laptops for sale is online. If you are operating on a limited budget, then you would be better off in places like Ebay. Ebay is the largest online auction website in the world and people of all walks of life are selling their laptops at any given moment. Websites like Craigslist are also great places to look. 

Major manufacturers such as Dell, HP, Toshiba, Sony and Apple also sell their laptops on their websites. These can also be customized.

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