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Email Marketing Services Gives Advice To Fight Summertime Slump

July 5, 2013 – Las Vegas , Nevada — During the summer season, it is normal for businesses to see drastic slumps in their figures. There are numerous reasons for the decline. Consumers usually buy less during summer because they are saving their budgets for vacations. Because consumers are spending more time outdoors, their spending habits also drastically change with fewer people spending money on things like movies and food. For online businesses, the decline in sales is particularly dramatic in summer because many customers are staying outdoors instead of spending time online.

A well-planned marketing campaign can help businesses fight off the summer slump, says, a blog which gives advice to small and medium businesses about how to boost sales and customer relationships. They say that email is a particularly useful marketing tool for businesses because it is affordable and can easily be tailored to changes in consumer behaviors.

According to Email Marketing Services, businesses need to formulate new strategies for their email marketing campaigns during summer. Some effective tactics include using email templates with summer themes and incorporating summer-themes into the email text, such as vacation tie-ins.

Along with the theme of the email, businesses will also need to adjust their methods. “Summertime emails should be shorter and more visual than emails sent during other times of the year,” says Email Marketing Services. “Businesses may also need to alter their send times to accommodate the longer day.” Tools like email software can help businesses measure which times and dates are most effective for sending their email campaigns.

There are also numerous other tactics which can be used to fight the summer slowdown. Business owners will have to experiment with these tactics if they want their summer figures to stay strong.

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