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Return to develop a barefoot Muller technology, walking in the hard ground to urbanite, the South Korean rice made a similar or African savannah soft ground not gentle state, after years of intensive research and development, and finally MBT chapa in 1996. Currently in more than 20 countries, this is a revolutionary sale of approximately 100 million in sales. Now, another MBT, meet the health needs of oneself again at the same time there is increased, quietly to function also is thin, make oneself fondle admiringly really.

In addition, due to excessive weight, wear and tear, degeneratie in Europe, nearly a third of adults are overweight, need to keep health and diet, cause fat main reason is lack of exercise and high fat food intake of unhealthy eating habits. You can choose a pair of weight MBT shoes, not only can reduce weight, also can let you stay slim, might as well try.

We wear any shoes are seasonal change, Peggy to storage and preservation of the sandals. Key to moistureproof, mouldproof and prevent sandals deformation for center. Seasons MBT sandals in carefully remove dirt, dust and sludge. Vamp occurrence crackle, repairing, and then carefully when shoeshine collection on shoeshine. Collect a chicken with oil, pig oil or glycerin, can make the face of soft and smooth.

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