New Site Launched as A Place to Report a Bad Neighbor

Need to vent about the rude behavior of an obnoxious neighbor?


White Lake, MI – A new site has been launched where people can report their bad neighbor.  It’s nothing official; they won’t get in trouble.  It’s just a good place for people who want to vent about things their rude, disrespectful neighbors are doing.


Most everyone has a bad neighbor, one that thinks they own the neighborhood and just doesn’t care about who they hurt.  One White Lake resident who has been putting up with rude neighbors for almost 6 years now launched a site for others to add their own bad neighbor report to. 


Surprisingly, the site reminds people to love their neighbor in spite of the bad things they do.  This can be a challenge with bad neighbors so the site was designed as a place to vent. 


“It’s really for fun,” said the blog creator, “but it is also a great way to vent your frustration.  I’m hoping to see lots of rude neighbor reports and maybe even some words of advice for dealing with it.”


Click here to visit the newly launched website and Report Your Bad Neighbor now!