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Advertising jobs vary depending on the kind of company you’ll be working for. There are a lot of online advertising jobs now that require a very different style of thinking and creativity. Many of these jobs will have you doing something very tedious, like sending out one email after another, while you work your way up the ranks. Then, there are many innovative advertising companies that will have you working from home, with your own hours, but doing certain projects that need to be completed by the end of the week. I have a few friends in this business. They go to work, at home, and simply work on specific projects for the companies. They’re given weekly assignments and have to complete them by the end of the week. My best friend’s girlfriend works for an online marketing company — she explained what she did for them, but I can’t remember at the moment. It had something to do with online ads.

Online ads have opened up a completely new market for advertising. Now you only have a matter of a few seconds to catch people’s attention. Online, you can see which ads seem to do the best. They’re the ones you see over and over again. The online dating sites have managed to make good use of online advertising. I’m sure you’ve seen the ads I’m talking about. If you go onto MySpace, you’ll see all kinds of dating site ads. They usually consist of a good-looking guy or girl who’s chatting online. You see a short video clip of a girl being cutesy as she chats with a guy online, or you see a video clip of a guy doing something masculine and attractive while he responds to that girl. These advertisements must be working, because they’ve been around for a long time. If you see an advertisement for more than a year, it means that advertisement has been successful in driving new traffic to the site.

I’ve dabbled a little with online marketing. I’ve made a few ads and posted them on MySpace and Facebook. I’ve had more success with Facebook, partly because they have a structured format that doesn’t allow for much graphic design work. They don’t allow videos in their advertising, yet, so even people with little or no budget can post an ad on Facebook. It’s all about a simple image and a few lines. That’s all you have to work with when you’re trying to catch people’s attention and drive them to your site. It’s worked for me in bringing a few hundred new fans to my music sites.

Because of the DIY market (the do it yourself market), there are many jobs in advertising that are closing. There are fewer openings due to the fact that people are taking advertising into their own hands. They feel like they can test the water again and again, using cheap online advertising, until they figure out a good solid method that’ll work for them. However, large companies will still be interested in hiring an advertising team to take the reigns of advertising. So major ad firms will still be hiring and looking for new and innovative ideas.

Online marketing has changed the industry completely. There are still plenty of ad campaigns that involve print ads for billboards and TV commercials, however, these are slowly disappearing and becoming a thing of the past. People are beginning to ignore all those ads, or fast forward past them with their DVR. So it’s all about product placement and online marketing, these days.

Product placement might not have quite as many job openings due to the fact that it’s a very simple campaign. It’s all about matching the right product to the right, well, product. Your job is to connect two products together. If a film has a need for an actor to be holding a soft drink, then it’s in the soft drink company’s best interest to sponsor the film with the drink, and pay for advertising. So people will be hired to take care of that transaction and approach different companies to see who would be interested in sponsoring the film. Beyond that, there’s not much room for creative ad campaigning in product placement. It’s a simple connection, and you’re the liaison.

No matter what changes take place in today’s industries, there will always be a need for advertising to help earn exposure for new products and services. Whenever people create new products or introduce new services to the world, they’ll need the world to know about it. So they’ll look for advertising to help them out in this respect. They’ll need someone who can come up with a new and innovative way to use what’s available, and create a great ad campaign. So if you’re interested in advertising jobs, you might want to look into all the different kinds of products being introduced in the market today and think about what you’d do to promote them. If you have a good enough idea, you might be able to pitch it to them and get hired because of it. Sometimes it doesn’t matter where you come from or how much schooling you have; if you know what you’re doing and have a great idea, you might get the job anyway.

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