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Contractor Sales Training from Total Kitchen Store

General and Remodeling Contractors are forced to wear several hats. They not only need to be skilled laborers, able to produce an excellent product that meets local and state building codes, but they need to be savvy businesspeople, since the majority of contractors are self-employed and run their own finances. Lastly, they also need to be excellent sales people. The typical remodeling contractor is responsible for advertising, generating leads, quoting, and then selling those quotes. They have to be skilled not only at producing the projects that they contract but for securing those contracts in the first place.

Total Kitchen Store is a web-based distributor of building materials to the trade, targeted at kitchen and bath remodeling projects. They work with thousands of contractors across the country, and they’ve noticed that some of their best contractors (as defined by the quality of their work and degree of customer satisfaction) are some of the worst salespeople. They have good intentions, but don’t know how to close a sale. Consequently, they wind up losing sales to other contractors, not because the other contractor will do a better job, but simply because that other contractor is a better salesperson.

To help solve this, Total Kitchen Store is announcing the creation of a sales training portion of their website. They will help teach the contractors who work with Total Kitchen Store (those that are part of the local representative program) successful sales techniques that have helped the owners of TKS be successful in selling in this industry, even in the most trying of times.

The training includes educational videos, links to sales training materials that the owners themselves have used, and instant chat features that let these contractors ask questions of the sales trainers instantly during business hours.

Contractors interested in gaining this free training and support need to sign up (for free) for the local representative program from Total Kitchen Store and be screened. Once accepted to the program, they will have access to the sales training portion of the website and can begin their training. To get started, visit: http://www.totalkitchenstore.com

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