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Honest Riches…Is it Really Honest Money Making Guide?

Have you have ever dreamed of being financially secure, had enough money to splash out on a new car, or treat your family to a holiday somewhere nice?

In the world of internet marketing e-books, many names come to my mind. The Rich Jerk. Neil Shearing. OK, too many names are in my mind and I am not going to list them all.

The point is that there are many people out there writing How to make money guides for those that are new to marketing products on the internet, or Newbies. I recently found such a title from Holly Mann, of Thank You Rich Jerk .

Thank You Rich Jerk starts off with a short introduction to how Holly started her online venture. This introduction is a testimony to showing that willpower and positive state of mind can overcome difficult circumstances.

Here is a quick breakdown of the chapters in her book:

Chapter 1 Affiliate Marketing
Chapter 2 Product Reviews
Chapter 3 Website Design
Chapter 4 Improving Website Content
Chapter 5 Pay Per Click (PPC)
Chapter 6 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Chapter 7 Improving Website Ranking
Chapter 8 Website Stats and Tracking
Chapter 9 Using Lists and Automation
Chapter 10 Advertising Your Website
Chapter 11 Press Releases
Chapter 12 Dropshipping and Wholesalers
Chapter 13 EBay Advertising

With Thank You Rich Jerk , One has the opportunity to get a completely free professional business website; fully-loaded and setup by Holly and her web developers. The administration panel will do all of the work of setting up the website for us and getting it online and live.

One can have an easy-to-use Admin Panel which helps to add, edit and change all of the functions, features, links, text, photos and ads. It is FULLY Customizable in the administration panel.

Moreover we can also have over 88+ professionally designed website templates to choose from. With the click of a button, the entire sites design will change and that does not interfere with all of the text and links that are already present.

One thing that I liked about this course was that the author puts a lot of focus into free marketing techniques. She shows you how to build a website for free, and spends a good deal of time showing you free methods to get traffic to it.

All the basics of affiliate marketing , blogging, and SEO are all here as well as a chapter on drop shipping and wholesalers. Everything was explained pretty well in this e-book although you do get what you pay for.

Money Making Secrets Revealed is pretty basic. If you already have experience you are going to know a lot of whats in this course.

SPECIAL!!! Free SEO Article Marketing Guide with over 250 directories to submit to help gain high search engine ranking is included in the e-book.

Compared to the Rich Jerk e-Book, this book pays more attention to affiliate marketing, website design/content/stat tracking, and advertising. While it does not offer the variety of different methods to make money online, it does delve deeper into Affiliate Marketing and creating a web site of your own.

There are good and bad points to this. The good is that you get a tremendous amount of in-depth information as well as helpful links and tips.

The bad is that if you are looking for varied forms of income to make money online, this book focuses on fewer avenues while providing basic information and some helpful tips for other forms of online income. Moreover it Slightly US biased (only in the eBay wholesale section).

This is probably the best e-Book for anyone starting out trying to make money online. Before you invest in compartmentalized books about AdSense or AdWords, or Pay-per-click advertising, I suggest going through Hollys book with a fine toothed comb and gleaning as much information out as possible.

Put her information into practice and watch your business grow. In terms of bang for the buck, this is an exceptional deal. For $27, I am not sure there is a better investment one could make. As much as I liked The Rich Jerk e-Book, Hollys is step above and costs less.

In conclusion, Holly Manns e-Book contains excellent material, possibly better than The Rich Jerks. Like the Rich Jerks it cuts out all the filler, and leaves you with the facts.

The actual content is much the same The Rich Jerks, but is presented in an clear, and un obnoxious way.

I highly recommend “Thank You Rich Jerk”. And I must be one of THE most skeptical human beings alive. This young woman has really hit the nail on the head with this one.

Be warned however, this is not a get rich quick scheme (no such thing exists). Do not expect to read the book, and wake up a millionaire, it will act as a springboard for your ideas, which you can develop, using the strategies into working and profitable online businesses.Cher K Markov writes reviews on e-books and online income opportunities and Internet marketing systems ataffiliate marketingand

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5 Tips for Finding Your Core Competencies

Imagine if during an interview process, you could tell a sales recruit what sales performance competencies are needed and measured… and what levels are necessary to be successful at the sales poistion being considered. All based off of real performance numbers and average benchmarks. Before you can do that, learn how to boil the fat off of mere sales activities and define what legitimizes a ‘Sales Competency’.

1) Is it an essential component to your sales mission or just an ingredient in the recipe?

List 10 actions, routines or tasks that are part of your sales day and considered essential components of your sales process.

Now, ask yourself. How many of these are essential components to my sales mission are just ingredients in the recipe?

Think about a professional golfer’s essential competencies from tee-off to last putt. Is the ball and club a core competency, or is it the golf swing and putting stroke? What about a basketball player with the essential competency of passing, dribbling, and shooting?

2) Can it be measured routinely and accurately?

A Core Competency is a definable entity that is related to performance and results.

Ask yourself. Can I measure this with a napkin, pencil, and calculator? Can I put it on one piece of paper and be able to evaluate the status of my business? Do this first. You can always transfer it later to the million-dollar sales automation system.

Can you apply a universal performance benchmark that is realistic and assures revenue goals individually and collectively?

3) You know you have achieved this when you can tell a sales recruit during the interview process the (3) simple numbers that will assure them success.

Have you identified the ‘Key Performance Indicators’ in your sales process?

A good KPI example in the sales process might be how many times you advance the first sales appointment to the next phase, whether that’s a demonstration, a site visit, a survey or a proposal. Another KPI is how many times you gain a new customer once the first gateway is passed. And when you do gain a new customer, what’s the average revenue you achieve? That’s certainly an important KPI. Because if your average revenue per sale is 40% less than the average peer KPI, you might want to find out why and take focused action to improve it, as you’re leaving money on the table.

And what about the length of a sales cycle in days? Is that conditional or do you have a degree of control over it? If you have a team member that has an average sales cycle 30% shorter than the peer group, uncover and assimilate those best practices out to the rest of the sales team. Less time, more results. That makes ‘Sales Cycle’ a valuable KPI.

Once you have your KPI averages you will be able to communicate to a sales recruit exactly how much sales activity (new appointments per week) is required on their part to successfully ramp to Quota is a pre-determined amount of time. That’s right, a ‘Pre-determined amount of time in days’. And that will shorten the time to Quota and reduce the Hard-dollar cost of Turnover from low appointment activity.

But don’t assume they can do it on their own. Provide them with a training ‘System’ to help them achieve the activity routinely and effectively.

4) Can it be determined operationally that you’re performing similar business activities better than your competitors?

Strategy is the ‘what’ and tactics are the ‘how.’ If you are superior in operational effectiveness, you will tactically perform better than your peers and competitors. This works a lot like the outcome of a football game. The winning team almost always outperforms their opponent in fundamentals like “Blocking and Tackling.”

5) Can you apply “Timely Training” and “Powerful Routines” around each core competency?

We know what training is, but do we understand why training fails? Timely Training is having appropriate structures for learning and application, defining useful short-term objectives, measuring results, and working closely with qualified trainers for follow-up and support. Most importantly, there must be organizational commitment. Focus on one core competency at a time until a pre-determined benchmark result is realized. Don’t move on or over until you do. Powerful Routines are linked to selling scenarios and allow you to dust off all the bases and then cover all of them to have the highest ratio of success aligned with each situation.

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Stance and Ball Flight

I’m going to talk with you about how to draw the golf ball, hook the golf ball, or fade or slice the golf ball on purpose.

That way, the next time you go play, if you have a dogleg right or a dogleg left, or the wind’s blowing from the left or wind’s blowing from the right, you’ll be able to curve the golf ball that will be beneficial towards you.

Let’s say I’m going to play a hole that has a big dogleg to the left, and I think that I can get it out and around the corner. I’m going to give you a couple of ideas on how to draw the golf ball.

After you go through your routine, make sure that you aim the golf ball further right than normal, than you’re used to.

The second thing is I’m going to give you some golf grip instruction. You should turn your grip a little bit to the right. This will encourage the face to curve over.

And lastly, make sure that you’re aiming with your shoulders, knees and hips to the right. And if you’d like to and you feel comfortable, you can put the right foot back a little bit.

This will encourage the golf club to swing a little bit more underneath you from the inside.

Now let me give you a little bit of information on how to make the golf ball fade.

After you’ve gone through your routine and you’ve aimed down the left side of the fairway, another golf trip instruction is to make sure that before you draw the golf club back that you turn your grip to the left a little bit. And this will delay the face from closing opposite of the draw, and the face will return more open than it will square or closed. And then swing away and that will help the golf ball fade.

Now let’s spend a minute correcting a hook. If you’ve been struggling, really hooking a lot of your tee shots, all you have to do is check your grip. The golf grip instruction is to make sure that it’s over to the left a little bit and that will encourage the face to stay open.

If you’ve been slicing the ball, make sure you turn your grip a little bit further to the right, and that will help the golf club close and bring the ball back to center instead of slicing so much.

Try that the next time out and see how it works.Bobby Eldridge is the Head Instructor for the PurePoint Golf Academy where he teaches “The Simple Golf Swing” theory. You can check out PurePoint Golf instructional DVDs at

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Sales Lead Management System

Use Sales Training Consultants to Mobilize Your Resources

Hiring sales training consultants for your firm is a good idea because they can extract the potential of your sales staff which you may be unable to do. The trick in the sales business is to know the methods of selling. If your sales staffs are good enough to do the job then it is acceptable but if they don’t know how to sell a particular product then you have to worry.

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Laptop For Sale

Laptops have revolutionized the realm of personal computing. When computers were first arrived on the scene, they were large and cumbesom not to mention quite costly. Then desktop versions came along and boasted more user-friendly features. At first, desktops were expensive but later their price declined. This was because more manufacturers joined in the field of computer manufacturing.

As popular as desktops were, they had some limitations. One could not move from a localized place which essentially meant that people like businessmen, researchers, students and tourists could not work if they were away from their homes or offices. That led to the invention of laptops.

Today there are numerous companies which cover make laptops. The well-known ones are Dell, Toshiba, HP/Compaq, Lenovo, Sony, and Apple. Today, laptops have become immensely popular.

One of the reason for their popularity is the personal convenience they afford. Being small makes them easy to carry to work, school, home and even inside a plane. New technology has made them even more powerful and smaller.

Laptops also contain all the features found in desktops. New technology has been successful in shrinking all the essential working parts of a desktop and crammed them into a laptop to improve performance. As a consequence, it is not hard to see laptops that are just as powerful as desktops and even  more

If you are shopping for great laptops for sale, let us look at s few points you need to consider:

Many people just use laptops for basic computing, namely writing and receiving emails and surfing the net and viewing photos and videos. These do not require very expensive laptops. A 2GB, 80GB, 128MB graphics card and 802.1/g wireless capability is sufficient. 

Then there are those who use computers for more demanding tasks. These include computer programmers, graphic designers, animators, web designers, networkd engineers and such. These would need about 3-4BG memory, 2.00GHz intel processor and also larger storage systems such as 160-200GB hard disk space.

There are many different places where one can get a great laptops. We recommend that you hit the yellow pages and look for the closest computer stores to you. These should not be hard to find. Then pay them a visit and look at the computers yourself.

Another place where you can find laptops for sale is online. If you are operating on a limited budget, then you would be better off in places like Ebay. Ebay is the largest online auction website in the world and people of all walks of life are selling their laptops at any given moment. Websites like Craigslist are also great places to look. 

Major manufacturers such as Dell, HP, Toshiba, Sony and Apple also sell their laptops on their websites. These can also be customized.

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Online Sales Management Software

5 Effective Ways of Minimizing Inventory Holding Time by Rakesh Kumar

Inventory management is one of the most crucial parts of successful business functioning. It has almost transformed into a competitive advantage.

The concept of Inventory management is simple: it is all about knowing what is in the hand, where is it lying, and how many finished products are there in the market. And since there is considerable cost involved in reaching above or below a set product range, careful inventory management can make a huge difference in the profitability of a business. Although the concept is simple, many organizations fail to address opportunities to optimize inventory and reduce its holding time. Perhaps they presume that the process of getting the right balance can be a complex and time consuming task. This article lists 5 effective ways to minimize inventory holding time that includes Stock replenishment, Secondary Tracking, Supply Chain Management and many others.

Reduce stock replenishment lead times- There are two essential questions that must be answered while replenishing stock – when to order and how much to order. It is important to shorten the product refill cycle time to ensure that the stock is well-placed in the market and retailers are never out of stock.

This lead time can be broken into three levels viz. the review period, the transportation time and the distribution time. The review period includes the process of gathering knowledge beforehand. With an end-to-end visibility you can know that your product is close to finish in the market and retailers can place orders to their distributors well in time. You can also include other Time-to-Market (TTM) elements like transportation and distribution of products. To ensure timely distribution of products, the Transportation and Product Distribution time should also be minimized. Many companies follow the Hub and spoke distribution model, which leads to efficient product transportation and distribution.

Determining Order Frequencies- Inventory Distribution is also an important function to subside inventory cost. With acute visibility on the stock order frequency, you can cut down cost and inventory holding time significantly. The actual sales data lets you determine the inventory that is demanded more frequently and that which is less-in-demand. You can apply more labor & transportation on the product with high market demand and minimize inventory hold-up.

Obsolete Inventory Management- Stock keeping obsolete inventory could be an unnoticed expense. And the problem with this is that companies usually don’t come to know how much, and in which warehouse(s) its obsolete inventory is lying. This is because of the lack of proper sales data. You need a detailed report on which brand and which SKU of the particular product is lying on the shelf.

For instance, a production planner may just be viewing the reports that 30% of the Brand A toothpaste has got obsolete, while unaware that out of it 25% is of a particular SKU, say, 50gm that is not demanded in a market. With visibility as sharp as this, you can plan production and supply accordingly.

Minimize demand and supply variance- The problem of gap in product demand and supply is often hidden from sales managers. While various methods have been used to minimize demand and supply variance, it is only achievable with a real-time secondary and tertiary sales data at it helps in Production planning and strategies in the distribution channels & route plan limitations in consumer knowledge that influence decisions. Hence keep a watch on the secondary and tertiary sales data and make conscious supply decisions.

Centralize your Distribution mechanism- You may also need to centralize product distribution to maintain the MSL (Minimum Stock Level) for your inventory. For this you need up-to-date data of the complete product distribution (brand and SKU wise) for all warehouses. Once you know the level of goods kept at each warehouse, you know what you have to dispatch and in what quantity to which party.

While managed inventory can be a profit stream for your business, excessive inventory holding can take the shape of a cost-center. Eliminate all the regressions that bundle up to increase your inventory holding time and affect your bottom line. Companies have relied on integrated Sales & Inventory Management systems that cater to end-to-end analysis and automation. Right from tracking Primary, Secondary and Tertiary sales, to sales forecasting and inferred production planning, Inventory Management and Sales Tracking Systems are a must have tools to keep pace with the competition.

Rakesh Kumar is a business consultant of Zed Salesâ”. Zed Salesâ” is leading sales management software in India. Zed Salesâ” has lots of innovative features which fulfill your needs of online Sales Tracking Software, Online Sales Tracking Software, sales return management software and much more. Request a free evaluation demo today to take a free trial by visiting Zed Sales website.

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Sales Jobs Chicago

Among the top ten sales jobs in Chicago, the pharmaceutical as well as the medical field in general offers loads of opportunities. It is a bustling city and one of the densest in the US. Considered to be a premier location in mid western US, Chicago offers loads of readily available sales opportunities. Sales management jobs are also very lucrative openings as companies want to turn around and make more profits after the recession.

Pharmaceutical sales jobs

Pharmaceutical sales jobs in Chicago are among the most sought after as each recruit is assigned a particular healthcare market for development. By calling on physicians, caregivers, pharmacies and hospitals, you will be complying with the legal regulations for promoting products assigned to you.

Outside sales reps

Outside sales jobs Chicago requires you to be aggressive and motivated while your pursue industrial and consumer sales in an assigned territory. You will have to look for new prospects and also provide hands on customer support as well.

Inside sales job

Sales jobs in Chicago also have openings for inside sales reps where the paychecks are good. You could be trained on the job as no prior experience is needed for this position which offers large doses of incentives as well.

Regional sales manager

This is the best among all the sales management jobs in the Chicago area where you have to meet as well as exceed sales goals by assessing individual needs of both the internal and external customers.

Medical device sales reps

Healthcare is getting more focus these days and with ramped up insurance, medical device selling is among the top medical sales jobs Chicago. From the entry level, it is easy to work your way to the top. The money is good with chances of earning fat commissions.

Oncologist information specialist

Working in this position requires being the first point of contact for patients and caregivers. You will be identifying their needs and arranging for suitable care right away. The medical sales jobs in Chicago require you to be extremely patient, compassionate and possess the ability to think on your feet.

Rental sales agent

This position is among the most sought after customer service openings where you have to provide hands on care and support.

Field sales manager

To work as a field sales manager in Chicago, you have to be motivated and always brace up to new challenges. This is also among the most popular sales management jobs Chicago where experience will obviously count.

Sales Account manager

You will be interfacing with existing customers and developing new prospects. You will have to ensure profits for the territory you are assigned.

B2B sales rep

This is an entry level sales position which is sought after by first timers wanting to make a career in marketing and sales. If you are good, you can avail of liberal commissions and stock options for sales jobs in Chicago where prospects are bright for personal development from ground up.

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Commission Sales Jobs

Sales Recruitment Services – Filling Vacant Sales Jobs by Louise G

All businesses benefit from a strong workforce if they hope to outpace their competition. However, trying to fill your company’s sales job openings (or any other openings for that matter) with qualified individuals can be a challenging task. From a logistical standpoint, a business is looking into dedicating a significant amount of time, focus, and money if it hopes to fill empty sales jobs on its own devices. Fortunately, sales recruitment services can ease the fiscal and temporal demands of such recruitment operations. This article will explore the advantages of utilizing sales recruitment services to place competent individuals into sales jobs available at your business.

If your business has ever advertised an open sales position in a newspaper or such, then you may be somewhat familiar with the frustration involved in merely initiating the hiring process. Your company was likely bombarded with several hundred resumes, many of which made the particular applicant in question look highly qualified and hireable. Sorting though such a collection of resumes is simply an unfeasible feat for many businesses. A sales recruitment agency can sort through all these resumes in an expedient and thorough manner. Afterwards, they can deliver your business a list of the more qualified candidates for you to make a final distinction. This is highly advantageous in regards to time demand on your behalf. The sales recruitment agency will weed out the most qualified candidates and leave you with the mere task of picking amongst the top-tier candidates.

A fact that many businesses overlook is that sales recruitment agencies may already have potential candidates for sales openings on-hand. Many sales recruitment agencies have dealt with hundreds if not thousands of clients. It should come as no surprise that these clients couldn’t hire all the top-tier applicants that agency the listed for them to choose from. Fortunately, the majority of recruitment agencies store the information of such applicants in a database for later use. The agency may discover a sufficient number of candidates for your sales jobs by merely running a search in their database. This would rule out any additional work including sorting through resumes, contacting the applicants, etc. In the end, you would fill the openings in a much quicker fashion and would be allowed to get back to business.

Yet another perk of contracting with a sales recruitment agency to help fill sales jobs at your company is the constant feedback and status updates you receive on the state of the recruitment process. If most companies were to handle the hiring process internally, confusion would undoubtedly be looming as to the progress of the hiring process. However, recruitment agencies are able to update you on every step of the process and thus your business can plan its next move more accordingly.

Unlike with internal hiring efforts, with sales recruitment agencies you’re almost guaranteed to come across competent applicants. Many recruitment agencies work towards building a solid relationship with their clients. Once they accomplish this, they’ll be able to reap rewards whenever their particular client has an opening available. However, to do this they need to establish a sense of trust and reliability with their clients. By sending ill-qualified applicants your way, they don’t get much accomplished. First, they portray themselves to be incompetent as a recruitment agency, and thus risk their standing with future and current clients, and also tarnish their chances as establishing a long-term bond with your company. Knowing that your time isn’t wasted delegating sales job hiring tasks to a recruitment agency is extremely advantageous, as handling the matter internally could result in little to no results in conjunction with wasted time and money.

When your business is ready to get started with a recruitment agency, finding the right one doesn’t have to be a chore. The internet is currently the best resource for researching prospective recruitment agencies. By simply using your favorite search engine, you can uncover extensive information about an agency you’re considering and possibly read some customer testimonials. It doesn’t hurt asking others you know whether they’ve contracted with a recruitment agency, and whether or not they enjoyed their particular experience with the company.

Although many might be led to believe that contracting with a sales recruitment agency is expensive and out of the reach of most businesses, it turns out that the situation is of a completely opposite nature. These types of agencies make money off of commissions paid to them by their clients. However, in most cases, if a recruitment agency can’t manage to find an employ to occupy an open position, the client doesn’t have to reimburse them for their services. While these commissions can vary, they typically loom around 10% the annual salary of the newly hired employee. This is agreeably well in the reach of businesses who are serious about getting their sales jobs filled. There’s no need to worry about the possibility that the new employee may leave shortly after being hired. Most agencies will reimburse you most of their commission in the event that your employee leaves the job. The allowable time period for such reimbursements can range from several weeks to a few months.

Choosing to employ the services of a sales recruitment agency to fill vacant sales jobs at your company could be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. In a time where businesses must dedicate their efforts, in their entirety, to remain competitive, delegating hiring tasks to an outside entity makes sense. The majority of sales recruitment agencies are affordable, competent, and quick in their work. The monetary and temporal gains allotted by contracting with such services far outweigh the investment made to obtain them. A business really has nothing to lose by working with a recruitment agency other than an added workload, and thus an inefficient use of time. If your company has sales jobs available that need to get filled promptly, don’t hesitate looking into recruitment agencies that can help you in that pursuit. You won’t regret it and neither will your company.

Copyright (c) 2008 Ianson Internet Marketing

Louise G Author, SEO and Management Consultant wrote this article about jobs. Lousie G is also a marketing partner at the leading job board for sales jobs.

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Entry Level Sales Jobs

Field Sales Training by Scott Deane

One of the best and most lucrative entry level graduate positions in the United Kingdom today is in field sales. There are a number of industries looking for field sales professionals that have the enthusiasm and work ethic it takes to be successful. Pharmaceutical companies rely on field sales professionals to meet with doctors and hospital administrators to sell life saving drugs and supplies. Field sales professionals in the banking industry help commercial and individual clients determine the best resources to maximize their finances. In these fields and dozens of others, field sales professionals are needed to earn companies profits and develop reliable client bases. However, sales graduates often do not have the experience or polish to go directly into the field sales profession. Graduates interested in field sales jobs should consult with MetaMorphose, one of the best recruiting agencies in the United Kingdom.

Sales graduates have been trusting MetaMorphose with their field sales training and development for the last twelve years. Beginning with the agency’s extensive and rigorous application process, graduates interested in field sales are expected to show their professional potential and strong personal attributes. While competing agencies expect their recruits to have the polish and experience necessary to become successful on the first day, MetaMorphose looks for a unique type of sales graduate. The MetaMorphose philosophy on recruiting is that sales graduates can be trained all of the professional tools needed in the field sales profession. The experienced recruiters at MetaMorphose look for inexperienced sales graduates who have a great attitude, a strong work ethic, and other personal skills that cannot be taught.

Field sales recruits who fit the personal skill set that MetaMorphose desires advance onto the agency’s extensive field sales training program. The program is facilitated by experienced trainers, many of whom have spent years in the field sales profession before becoming job trainers. Sales graduates are first taught the basic professional skills they will need to be successful in field sales. Group and individual sessions are held on topics like customer service, organization, business communications, and resource management. After field sales graduates are well grounded on these topics, sales simulations are held in order to integrate theory with practice. Field sales recruits are put through a variety of scenarios to test where they are in the training program and what areas of their sales technique need improvement. The repetitive practice of field sales situations helps both companies and recruits create the best possible field sales experience.

Scott Deane is the Managing Director of meta morphose International, the leader in sales training.

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Dribble Your Way to Owning a Dodge Ram

Dodge, the DaimlerChrysler division, is about to give away one Dodge Ram 1500 SLT Quad Cab unit that will come equipped with a HEMI engine. The car manufacturer invites consumers to “Dribble for a Dodge”. The contest will be held on March 13th of this year in Atlanta, Georgia. The winner of the said contest, aside from winning a brand new Dodge, will also be awarded two tickets to the NCAA Championship game. The amazing prizes to be awarded to the contest winner would be just as amazing as the performance of brake components from EBC Active Brakes Direct.

Dodge will pick out 150 individuals to participate in the said contest which will test the endurance of the contestants. The prize, of course, is a strong motivating factor since the vehicle to be given away is equipped with a legendary engine – the HEMI. The basketball dribbling endurance contest will test the mettle of each contestant who will come from all the different walks of life. From 150 starting contestants, Dodge will pick out the MVD or the Most Valuable Dribbler which is essentially the last person left dribbling. The tickets for the NCAA Championship game are another strong motivating factor for contestants since it is their ticket to watch the most exciting collegiate basketball players in the world.

Michael Manley, Vice President for Sales Strategy and Dealer Operations, Chrysler Group has this to say about the upcoming contest: “The Dodge Ram is the longest lasting full-size pick-up truck on the market, therefore, we thought it would be exciting to tip-off Dodge Truck Month and basketball madness in March by challenging consumers to prove their toughness on the basketball court and see who can outlast their competition in a basketball dribbling endurance test.”

As the Dodge Ram has outlasted some of its contemporaries in its segment, the contest also will find out who will outlast everyone else in dribbling. For those who are long time aficionados of the Ram, this is the perfect time to own one or another one whatever the case may be. All you have to do is dribble, dribble, and dribble. Although much easier said than done, outlasting 149 other individuals in dribbling sure is the easiest way I know of to own a car with a legendary engine.

Dodge, which started as a bicycle manufacturer and makers of other machine parts, are inviting Dodge enthusiasts who are interested in joining the contest to register at from February 16 until March 6 at 5 p.m. (ET). For consumers to be eligible for the contest, they have to be 18 years of age or older. They must also have a valid driver’s license at the time of the entry. Of all the registered participants, Dodge will randomly select and inform 150 persons to compose the starting lineup.

The Dribble for a Dodge Contest is a basketball dribbling endurance contest and will be held in a regulation basketball court. Each of the 150 contestants will be given their own space on the court. They would then dribble their HEMI-branded basketball and the last person left dribbling will drive home a new Dodge Ram 1500 SLT Quad Cab which he or she can drive to the NCAA Championship game. To allow a fair play, referees will be on hand.

Dodge is using this strategy to further increase the popularity of their pickup. They seriously need events such as these to catch the attention of the motoring public now slowly turning their back on large trucks and SUVs. This loss of attention for trucks and SUVs has spelled declining market shares and sales of the brand and the Chrysler Group.Anthony Fontanelle is a 35-year-old automotive.buff who grew up in the Windy City. He does freelance work for an automotive magazine when he is not busy customizing cars in his shop.
You can visitEBC Active Brake Directfor more information.

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Need Sales Coaching? Top 7 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Sales Coach

Follow these tips and you will ensure you partner up with the right sales coach for you to achieve amazing sales results…

Are you looking to hire a sales coach to improve your career, leadership, life, business and sales results?

Well, I’m going to tell you right now that there are many sales coaches in the field and it is hard to know where to start or what to look for when hiring a coach.  There are highly qualified sales coaches like myself and then there are others who just jumped on the sales coaching bandwagon so they can profit from you even though they have not proven themselves to be worthy of getting you as a client. Knowing this, how can you find the best sales coach for you and your organization? Simply ask the questions below… 

Here Are My Top 7 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Sales Coach

1.  What is your personal track record of success in sales?

I was ranked #1 sales performer in the U.S.  for 4 years at two global Fortune 500 Companies.  I generated over $135 Million in Sales Revenue.  I know what it takes to become a top sales professional. 

This is not true for many sales coaches as they do not have the credentials of being a #1 performer in a large organization multiple times.  And, many sales coaches do not have extensive experience building, developing and managing sales forces. 

But what if those are your goals? See the concern? If they have not walked the walk, and proven they know what it takes to achieve great sales results, how can you expect them to know what it takes to achieve extraordinary results?

2.  Will you customize your sales coaching programs around my particular needs and goals?

Many sales coaching programs simply place all individuals and businesses into the exact same sales coaching process.  They do not take into consideration the immediate challenges at hand, nor do they focus on customizing the program around the strengths of the individual or organization, while identifying and addressing weaknesses. 

Before you hire a sales coach, ask how they customize their sales coaching program.  If they don’t have some good examples to share, run fast, or face receiving cookie-cutter coaching which will greatly impede your results.

3.   What is your general sales philosophy?

Many of the old persuasive selling techniques really are a thing of the past.  They don’t work.  Yet, many sales coaches are still teaching people just like you to persuade, push, be very aggressive, and to forcefully change the mind of others.  This will make both you and the prospective client feel uncomfortable and will automatically lead to lost sales. 

If you want to increase your sales potential then you need a sales coach who understands how to create a genuine, natural, customized sales philosophy for each individual they coach.  If they don’t, watch out.

4.  What professional coach training do you have?

You may find a sales coach who has a respectful sales background like me.  But, in many cases they’ll have very little, if any professional coaching training.  There is a big difference between calling oneself a coach, and having 100’s of hours of face-to-face coaching training.  If they do not have this training, you may not receive all the support you need around motivation, focus, changing your mind set, accountability, and being able to support you towards success in your entire life.  If you hire a sales coach who does not have professional training, do not expect the same results.  You will not be supported holistically around all the intangibles that help people reach extraordinary results.

5.    How did you become a sales coach – and why?

Find out if the sales coach made the conscious choice to become a coach for the right reasons, or if they burned out of corporate America or fell into the position as a back up because they lost a job.  You want a coach who loves coaching, sales and changing lives.  Look for a coach with whom you connect with.  Look for a sales coach who truly cares about your success and loves the work he or she does.  If you do not sense a great deal of passion in their voice when they describe how they became a sales coach, talk to another coach. 6.   Can you show me new and innovative ways to increase sales?

If the sales coach is not aware of how to use social media, blogs, website marketing, SEO, AdWords, effective article writing and publication, LinkedIn and other similar tools to grow their own business, how can they help you to grow yours?

Technology is always changing and there are ways to use it to increase your sales results.  Find a sales coach who is using these tools on a daily basis to grow their sales coaching business.  Find a sales coach who can show you how to generate leads, contact new prospects and network effectively in the modern era of sales.  If they don’t use these tools, keep on looking.

7.   Do you have a coach?

I’m a sales coach and I still work with a coach.  I get a tremendous amount out of it and I am convinced of the value of coaching.  How can you be a coach, but say you don’t need a coach yourself?

As soon as you stop learning, growing, improving and developing, what kind of an example are you showing for your own clients? Find a sales coach who has a coach, believes in coaching, uses coaching to continue to become a better coach, a better entrepreneur, and a better person.  Find someone who inspires you to do more and doesn’t just coach you, but leads by example.  If they don’t have a coach, just ask them why.  This is an important question to ask and I’m guessing you will decide to move on pretty fast after they say they don’t need a coach or don’t have one.

Find a sales coach who is right for you by asking these questions.  Follow these tips and you will ensure you partner up with the right sales coach for you to achieve amazing sales results. 

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