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How to Motivate Your Sales Organization

Lead management can help your sales team build motivation and confidence–driving up your sales numbers and driving out negative energy. After all, can’t never did anything. So, get a can do sales process for your sales organization.

“Can’t never did anything,” you can probably still hear those words ringing in your ears from your childhood. But, as you walk the sales floor you probably hear all of the defeatist grumbling. “Customers aren’t making decisions, no one is buying, the economy sucks,” and on and on…

It is time to kill the “can’t” attitude in your organization. Create a sales process that puts a sense of urgency and passion into managing every sales lead. Lead management can drive your sales teams to be passionate about each new prospect entering their pipeline.

Yous sales system needs to incorporate constant reminders to your sales team of what a lack of action, effort, and belief yields–nothing! Avoid the infiltration of negativism and defeat into your sales culture–this is your job as a sales leader. Your number one job is to keep motivation high.

Motivation Fuels Sales

Sales people are very emotional. We soar on wins and dive down on the objections and rejections that torment us daily. This is why creating a team atmosphere evens out these individual peaks and valleys–sharing team successes are critical.

There are lots of ways to build this motivational fire. Here are a few guaranteed winners:

* Run a leader board to create competitive push in sales

* Use sales contests and games to get energy on the sales floor

* Have sales managers showcase best practices with live calls

Avoid letting mediocrity settle in–routines kill. Energy requires keeping a certain imbalance and agility in the organization. Use these motivational techniques to shake things up on a regular basis.

Confidence is Customer Contagious

Sales motivation almost instantly translates into confidence and confidence is contagious. Get this element of your sales DNA right and it will pump your sales team and your customers.

A motivated and confident person will evangelize products and services with reckless abandon–giving your customers little hesitation in saying, “yes!”

In tough markets customers come with hesitation, apprehension, and fear. They bring these hidden objections into every sales call. Client fears and hesitations to say, “yes” are quickly overcome by a confident voice and reasoning of a strong sales person.

Confidence is contagious, which will play into sales.

Pump Up Your Sales Numbers

Driving out “can’t,” ridding the organization of negativity, and driving up motivation and confidence will increase your sales.

Motivation and confidence makes your sales people more persuasive and tenacious on sales calls. This helps sales professionals to overcome objections and calm customer fears.

Remember, “can’t never did anything.” The sense of urgency and confidence needs to be built into your sales process, incorporated into your lead management systems, a very part of your sales organization’s fabric.

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