Expand your horizons with telesales jobs abroad

Telesales jobs in the UK often are either difficult to find or do not offer enough for deserving candidates. The competitive nature of the UK’s current job market hinders even the most experienced telesales or sales people, and makes it near impossible for recent sales graduates looking to gain a footing in the industry. For those working in a specialised sector such as energy, land, wine or investment, it can also be extremely difficult to find a suitable telesales or sales job opening, before even attempting to make a successful application.

This is why many people are expanding their horizons and looking into telesales jobs and sales jobs abroad. There really is no need to settle for a less than perfect job in the UK when you have sales skills which are desired on a world-wide level. Fluent English is often the only language required.

But it isn’t just the lack of UK-based sales jobs available which is tempting professionals. Emigrating is a big step for anyone, and often the perfect job alone would not tempt professionals to leave their home country. Because employers are often keep to hire experienced professionals from the UK, due to their experience, knowledge and language skills (for selling to English speaking clients), they are often offering extremely attractive packages to tempt UK-based professionals to move abroad.

Jobs across Europe and the world are advertising extremely generous salaries and OTEs for
Telesales jobs
and sales jobs. Living costs are often cheaper in locations such as vibrant Dubai, so your salary is going to be worth more, as well as the obvious other benefits which you may find other countries offer (warmer climate or a different style of living). Many employers are even offering further draws for successful UK candidates, often arranging and paying for flights and accommodation allowances for the first month(s) to ensure a stress-free transfer to your new life. Perhaps you have been considering a move abroad for a while but always dismissed it as a passing dream. Now, with the UK’s collapsing economy and lack of sales and telesales jobs available, is perhaps the perfect time for you to make that life-changing decision.

The internet has made it easier than ever to browse telesales jobs and
Sales jobs abroad
. Specialist sales recruitment websites advertise jobs from different companies across the world in one easily accessed location. So, whether you are interested in opportunities in Europe or beyond, if you possess telesales and sales skills the world is your oyster.

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