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Sales 2.0 – The Next Sales Frontier

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innovations have always influenced and changed the way we live.
Buying and selling, formidable facets of life too get transformed by
the latest developments in technology. Technical developments such as
the advent and the growth of the Internet have created value for both
buyers and sellers alike. Sales
2.0 is a term coined to reflect the usage of WEB 2.0 and other
technologies that are expedient to sales success.

simple terms, Sales 2.0 means nothing but the usage of latest
technologies to leverage sales and meet buyer needs. Latest web
technologies and social media form a part of Sales 2.0 tools. Sales
2.0 approaches produce superior, predictable, and repeatable business
results. They can cut costs, save time, and sustain a competitive
edge. Sales 2.o is still the same age old concept of sales, only the
process and methods have evolved. Sales 2.0 concentrates on engaging
customers and developing brand loyalty with the ultimate aim of
driving more sales.

Starts with a Website

reap the benefits of Sales 2.0 processes a business need to have a
website and preferably a blog. A website is on 24/7 and can be
accessed across the globe. A website can describe a brand in finer
details and at times can better serve than a sales person. Interested
people can receive regular newsletters from the website and be posted
about the latest development concerning the product. A blog will also
declare to the world about the latest developments and different
perspectives about a brand. Interested people can post their queries
or comments. By answering their queries sellers can clarify doubts.
Responding to peoples’ comments the sellers could bring them closer
the knowledge about the ability of the product to meet their needs.

of Getting Traffic

having a website is not enough. The website must be visited by more
and often by people. Search engines optimization (SEO) techniques and
getting linked to other websites are indispensable part of web 2.0
process, which in turn is a part of Sales 2.0 process. In addition to
having content rich with search engine friendly key words, your
website and blogs should be linked to RSS aggregator. Your blog also
need to be a member of Technorati, the blog ranking search engine.

the Internet to Promote Brand and Sales

businesses that use sales 2.o techniques embed audios and videos of
products and brands on their websites. They broadcast clippings of
their business videos on websites such as You Tube. Sharing visuals
greatly enhances visibility of the product.

Media Savvy

business or you should have profiles in various social networking
sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. Sales
techniques have evolved with the evolving behavior of buyers. If 7/8
years ago buyers loved to spend time chatting on Yahoo or MSN, now
they prefer to keep in touch with friends and associates as well as
make new contacts on social media. Networking in the social media
helps in increasing sales directly. Interacting with a prospect on
social media increases the likelihood of getting an appointment by 8
times. (Source: Bnet)

We all know
how it is to make or receive cold calls. Sales persons would love if
the awkwardness of talking to strangers could be eased a bit.
Establishing some rapport with people from an organization would help
a great deal in picking the phone and making the call. Social media
helps in creating familiar grounds.

Being part
of the social media enables businesses to get a chance to feel the
pulse of the buyers and the market trend. They also may get into a
position to influence market buzz. These are definitely going to help

2.0 is About Speed

With the
help of technology sales reps are now able to close deals at a speed
that was not possible a decade ago. They get messages through instant
messaging or SMS about the latest moves of the prospects. It is now
possible to have a feel of the pulse of the prospect constantly and
close the deal when the prospect is hot. The possibility of accessing
emails on mobile phones and replying to them is one of the
technological advances that help in this direction.

When all is
said and done Sales 2.0 is still about human relationships.
Technology has only modified the process and the end result remains
the same. Sales 2.0 is not a transitional thing after Sales 1.0 and
before Sales 2.1. It is an effective sales tool. Sales in the next
decade will be steered by Sales 2.0. Those that are using it know

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