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Finding The Best Sales Manager Jobs

The range and variety of jobs available for sales managers is vast. Sales jobs can be incorporated into any business regardless of the type of product they sell or the service they offer. For a business to become successful they need to sell themselves well and every organisation benefits from having a skilled sales manager as part of their team. Such is the importance of sales jobs that they are necessary in every industry and the choice of role can be made to supplement your specific interests and skills.

Roles and responsibilities

A sales manager plays a very important role in the business. It is up to the sales manager to organise and motivate a team of sales people to make sales and optimise the number of new clients for the company. The sales manager often has a very important role in the organisation. The sales manager will also often have a lot of influence over the entire marketing strategy. It is often a very influential job that requires a positive outlook and high levels of motivation. Sales managers also have responsibility over encouraging and ensuring that their sales team achieve the targets that they have set. The job encourages involvement beyond that of a normal job and is great for people that can constantly challenge themselves and able to respond with innovation. The sales manager is also often involved in arranging the incentive scheme for their sales team.

In some cases the sales manager can be involved in a broad range of aspects of the business. They can be asked to contribute to product development ideas, identification of new business opportunities and the development and implementation of new marketing strategies. The usual roles that a sales manager will deal with are aspects of the business such as recruitment and training of new sales staff. They will, as mentioned supervise and monitor the performance of sales staff. They will also have to lease with other managers and line managers as well as setting budgets and targets. They will also often be client facing and will lease with clients and keep abreast of what their competitors are doing.

Types of industry

The great benefit of a sales job is that you can often find a job in an industry that suits your skills and your interests. So if you are interested in IT, finance, consumer goods, recruitment, real estate or any type of industry there is likely to be a job for you somewhere.


These types of jobs are great for motivated people that want responsibility and the ability to make changes and be instrumental in the success of a business. The results that you achieve are measurable in that you can judge your performance based on the amount of money you bring in for the company.


The job can be associated with stress because of the level of responsibility that is placed on the shoulders of the sales manager. This can be both a blessing and a curse. If things are going well then the manager receives the accolade but if things are not going well the manager will be under pressure.

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