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Email Marketing software – Digital Marketing tool to launch accurate and focused campaigns

Mass email marketing is great option for companies to generate business and keep in touch with the existing customers. It’s is a cost effective an easy way to achieve goals and increase sales by attracting potential customers.

Business Challenges

Segmenting more than thousands of customers from multiple databases is a tedious and time consuming task.

Drop in marketing KPI’s – open rate, click-through rate and response rate

Hard and complex to obtain complete view of customer activities and preferences

Business get blacklisted due to improper emailing methods and tactics

Few customers do not come back after a single purchase and switch to competitors

A company can send out email marketing campaigns at specific time interval to its customers, thus having better control on your email marketing campaign management, minimizing operating cost and making your brand and business more popular among the masses.

Mass email marketing software
supports your business in bringing your brand to the customer mind at frequent interval. Suppose, customer ‘A’ has made some purchases from an online store and he then never hears about the store again. Hence the customer ‘A’ will forget about the store in the long run and he won’t be able to recommend the store to any of his peers. But, mass email marketing software will help a business to overcome the problem allowing the business to keep in touch with their past customers. This can be done by newsletter or campaigns containing content about special offers or discounts which will encourage repeat purchase and promote brand loyalty. The process will work best only if the company provide insightful content that the customers want to consume.

Mass email marketing software can provide any company with the following benefits:

Simple and easy tracking and measuring of results by creating personalised emails for different market segments

Comply with spam regulators ensuring the company that the emails are read and not deleted

Helps to track responses, maximizing efforts and ensuring best delivery and more response rates

On target and email communication supported by knowledge base foundation

A business sending out exclusive offers to its existing customers can make them feel more special and they can relate themselves with the company. Hence, customers will be loyal to the business and recommend it to others.

Email marketing software is rapidly becoming a pillar of business marketing mix. Strategic promotional planning and execution coupled with effective email marketing software can increase the likelihood to stay in contact with the past customers and get more sales.

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