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3 Killer Ways to Handle Sales Objections by Peter Fuller

Bookstores are full of sales books which lay out objection handling methods. I know of one that has a mind numbing 10 step process guaranteed to kill the objection and the prospect. Through many years of power based selling I have come up with a few ways to make objections your ally not your enemy.rnrnPicture this; we are on a holiday from our professional sales job and we are driving on the highway to our destination. Up ahead, our alert driver notices dead deer on the highway. The deer is beyond help, mangled and messy. Do we stop the car and start prodding the dead deer or do we adjust steering, slightly, and cruise on to our destination?rnrnThis is what sales amateurs do. They spend too much time analyzing the objective instead of staying on the sales path to gain an objective. Object is to move the sales cycle to next baseline. Here are my 3 steps to keep the wind in the sails of your sales process:rnrn 1. Ignore the objection completely, 3 times: yes, I know we are supposed to listen, notice I did not say use deaf ears, I said ignore. Prospects are battered with pitches. On the way to work radio ads pitched him, before he left home his kids and wife pitched him, his colleagues pitch him. With the pitch happy world, smart prospects have built a layer; a layer of response to a pitch. Automatic and effective to kill off sales guys. So ignore the first objection, ignore the same objection if it arise again and ignore it for a third time. Yes, brass balled salesmen ignore the heck out of objections. Just keep on the sales highway.You will notice fast using this technique, that the objection was smoke, had no substance.rn 2. Switch it: Ok, now we heard it 3 times: we can assume, only assume at our risk, that the objection is real. Uh oh, now what. Switch it. Switch the objection to frame as the most important reason to buy. This elegant and magical when done right. Here is a switch to the no money stake in the amaters sales guy heart: “Sir, gentlemen like you who have no money, have a desperate need for our service.” and now get on the sales highway with no pause, no stop, keep selling.rn 3. Answer it: not the first approach, note the 3 infront of this line. Answer it just like this; feed the objective back to the prospect and be silent or as J. Douglas Edwards said, “SHUT UP.” Your prospect, guaranteed, will answer his own objection or give you details to frame your switch or response.rnrnMany believe the best way to answer objections is not to get any. 83 page powerpoints are designed to inform the prospect. But powerpoints inject boredom into the sales cycle when overused. And in my opinion, if you use a ppt, this is overuse. But if no objections do pop up, the sales guy is not selling hard enough or is selling to the wrong prospect.

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