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Different Online Marketing Tracking Tools You can Use

While marketing campaigns are something that most businesses spend money on, these campaigns are not an exact science. There may be specific strategies and methods that are proven to be effective and profitable, but with the changing customer behavior and market trends, you’ll never know if what works now will still be as effective tomorrow. Still, it pays a lot to track the performance of a campaign. After all, this is an area that you allot business funds on, so it’s just fitting to know where your money goes. Doing marketing and sales tracking will help you better assess the profitability of your campaign, which is a great way for you to improve on your marketing efforts and focus on what types of methods or platforms are working for you right now.


Of course, when organizing a marketing campaign, it’s always essential to set clear goals at the start of the planning. These goals should always be specific, measurable, and time-bound, as these are the performance indicators that you should be assessing at the end of the implementation. When it comes to campaign performance, it’s highly recommended to take advantage of various online marketing tools and systems. Below are some of them:


Call tracking

So you have your business phone number posted on your website or on various content you post online. But how would you know where your users are from – where are they calling and which platforms are they using? The answer to that is via call tracking. You simply apply a tracking code on your website phone number, and when a customer interacts or uses that number, you can track the source of the call. Different call tracking systems can help you accurately track the origin of the call, and even let you record pertinent data for future reference. Some companies even offer accurate data about the platform or site used by the customers to connect with your business. These can include a post in another site, via clicking an Adword advertisement, or through a link posted in Facebook or any other social media sites.


Site analytics

How many visitors does your website receive every day, every week, or every month? Knowing your site traffic is essential for all your marketing campaigns. Using website analytics tools is also highly recommended to assess which of those site visitors are simple leads, and what percentage really translates to webform submissions and customer conversion. Signing up for a Google Analytics account can be a great help to know the overall analytics data of your site. Aside from the number of users and sessions on a given time frame, you can also gather accurate data for your branded and non-branded search terms, as well as the visits for every landing page on your site. Ensure that you also set up goals for every campaign so you can track the conversion rates effectively.


Split testing methods

Visitors of your site may react differently depending on the type of information and the layout of page content you provide them. This means that a particular type of site or page may garner different responses depending on how you present the information to the users. One design may be particularly interesting to the user, and hence can gather more visits that can lead to conversion. One goal of split testing is to optimize the conversion rate of the site. Split testing tactic can be used to assess how it impacts the number of phone calls received by the site, webform submissions, and overall lead generation.


Since marketing campaigns generally involve spending a considerable amount of money, tracking your marketing efforts is critical to ditch those strategies that don’t work and optimize the methods and platforms that are profitable and effective.


When doing campaign tracking, it’s important to know more about marketing tracking tools you can use for your business. Browse for sales lead tracker and other different tracking systems right here at CallDynamics site.


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