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Remedy the situation called wholesale goods, in particular, the wholesale sale of goods in industrial production. At the moment, the main targets of economic relations are the markets that is wholesale of various industrial products from
Department store market, “7-th km” in Odessa is the largest wholesale market, not only the CIS countries, but throughout Eastern Europe. Wholesaler of industrial products is the main activity for the vast majority of entrepreneurs operating in the 7-kilometer “. Not surprisingly, many stores and warehouses, “gucci shoes for men” You can see the inscription “Only wholesale.
Wholesale products has its own specific advantages, as well as its shortcomings. She is able to greatly reduce the amount of the loss of material and financial resources, reduce overhead costs by moving goods from producer to final consumer, as well as contribute to the formation of market prices. After all, in essence, the wholesale market – a central place is held wholesaler of specific goods where the goods are actually located and concentrated, where the daily corrected the balance between price, depending on the levels of supply and demand.
Market, which produces wholesale any product example versace shoes should always be treated as one of the generators of the region’s infrastructure directly affects the flow of goods between producer and consumer. In today’s economy wholesale is a tool that organizes and promotes even distribution of goods among consumers, depending on the specific needs of each region. 
It is clear that the present structure of the wholesale market, the sharper is the distribution of products at the conclusion of agreements and procedures associated with loading, unloading, and other logistical procedures.

Compared with the retail wholesale considerably cheaper due to centralization and more efficient organization. In this regard, it must be said that the wholesale sales of industrial products in the gucci shoes for men “is organized on a sufficiently high level, and that gives high returns to participants in the economic process.
All this is an example of how important wholesale manufactured goods for the economy of any country or region.
Quality services in one place – one of the mottos of the department store market, “7-th km. The market, on which wholesale, helps you find, buy and sell specific products specific to the buyer.

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