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Tanning Bed Sale – Saving Money While Buying Smart

Most health experts agree that vitamin D that is synthesized from the sun’s UVB rays is beneficial. The problem is that most people don’t have the time, patience, or flexibility to lay out in the sun, soaking up UVB rays. As an alternative, many have chosen to visit salons. By climbing into the beds, they can expose their skin to the lamps’ UVB rays, thereby getting the vitamin D that their bodies need. However, visiting a salon is expensive and often just as inconvenient as laying outside. As this treatment grows in popularity, millions are now considering the benefits of buying a home system.

Residential systems can be expensive. Some robust models can cost over $1,000. However, by knowing what you need and buying smart, you can often find them at a discount. What’s more, some manufacturers will occasionally hold a tanning bed sale as they seek cost-effective ways to replace their inventories with the latest beds. Below, we’ll explain the factors you should consider when buying a home system. We’ll also describe how to buy a wholesale tanning bed and the supplies you’ll need.

Considerations During A Tanning Bed Sale

Before visiting the store, you should understand the kind of home system you need and the budget that you have to work with. These systems now come with a variety of choices and options. Some use 120V while others operate at 220V. Some allow you to lie down while others are vertical, allowing you to stand while you tan. The number of lamps for your face, arm, legs, and body will differ between models, as will the dimensions. Simply put, if your budget is limited, realize that you have plenty of options that can lower the price. But, keep in mind that a given manufacturer may be incapable of catering to your specific desires during a tanning bed sale.

Can You Buy Wholesale?

A lot of people are surprised to discover that they can purchase a wholesale tanning bed. That is, they don’t need to operate a salon to take advantage of the lower prices. While the low prices were once reserved for salons and resellers, times have changed. Today, through the internet, manufacturers are being proactive about selling their inventory of systems to consumers. And because the cost of each sale is much lower online, many of them can offer wholesale prices. In fact, it is often in their interest to do so in order to make room for newer systems.

If you’re unable to find what you need, contact an online manufacturer. You might find that they’re willing to sell a wholesale tanning bed to you, especially if they’re expecting new models to arrive soon.

Buying Supplies For Home

You’ll need to invest in additional supplies. Among them, buy UV goggles that will protect your eyes from the UV light while you’re undergoing treatment. You should also plan to buy a cleaning solution for your bed’s lamps in order to keep dirt, residue, and grime from accumulating. Finally, a high-quality lotion will help protect your skin while accelerating your tan.

Residential systems are no longer outside most budgets. You can often uncover bargains at a tanning bed sale as retailers make room for new inventory. Alternatively, you can contact an online manufacturer to ask whether they can offer you wholesale prices on any of their wholesale tanning bed models. Ultimately, keep your needs and budget in mind and you may find a great home system for much less than you would pay in a retail store.

About the Author
Christine O’Kelly is a writer for ESB Tans, a tanning bed sale industry leader who provides tanning systems and supplies to salons and residential owners. They also offer an assortment of wholesale tanning bed lamps and accessories to suit every budget.