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How To Make High Volume Sales In The Local SEO Market With A Direct Sales Job

Obtaining SEO and online marketing buyers ought to be one of the easiest sales jobs. Naturally, SEO professionals in every city are supposedly flooded with business. In reality, many SEO professionals always actively seek out new business. They either personally prospect for new customers, use telemarketers, or use inside or outside sales reps to prospect on their behalf.

Why would they do that?. The problem is the massive level of competition. Go to Google and enter “SEO” and you will probably find about 135,000,000 competing pages. If an SEO specialist simply just sat back looking forward to business they’d starve to death.

If you want to sell online skills to businesses I recommend that you go after one of the best sales jobs. Go offline. I don’t mean just go out and randomly pound the pavement. I mean do some research on local businesses in your own community, then go out selling your services. Why offline? Because there is more money flowing in most USA cities than in many countries. And because most local competing companies have decided, either consciously or subconsciously to completely overlook local SEO marketing. Ever since the world wide web came into existence, people have had the crazy notion they can sell to anyone anywhere and at any time. The Internet crash several years ago proved that’s untrue. Google “biggest dot com failures” for the history of this.

Additionally, if a business really serves only a local area, like a dentist, collision repair or carpet cleaning business, exactly what purpose is served by attempting to successfully compete against a ton of businesses in the same business across the country? Those are the direct sales jobs opportunities that are difficult to beat.

Nevertheless though, in every area, some SEO companies continue to look down on local markets. They are ignoring easy opportunities. That usually means your rivals are ignoring those opportunities as well. That means opportunity for you. Selling local SEO and internet marketing services to those businesses is easier than chasing after nationwide companies. You merely need a background that you can do what you state. Those Internet direct sales jobs should bring some significant money to you.

So let’s address how to get clients from the perspective of a sales rep having one of the technology sales jobs. First of all, the existence of a prospect’s Web site doesn’t matter. Don’t trap yourself into only dealing with business that already have a Web site. Everybody becomes a prospect that way.

The main point to avoid is imagining that either you or the potential customer really know what the key phrases are they should try to rank for. If it was that easy, everybody would be on page 1 of the search engines. Keyword research is the basis that ANY search engine optimization strategy is built upon. New players don’t have the ability to compete against hundreds of thousands, not to mention millions, of competing sites. The investigation must look for key phrases with high daily traffic and a low number of competing Web sites to guarantee initial success. This really is most effectively achieved by the SEO company, not the prospect or sales person. They are actually consultive sales jobs. The sales person helps the customer obtain more business utilizing technology.

The next action to face is the understanding of getting a customer on Page 1 of a search engine. As a rule, many SEO companies charged high prices for absolutely no guaranteed final results. They would tell people that no one can promise a 1st page Google placement to anyone, but they would do their utmost. If that is not a crap shoot, what is?

Obviously a first page placement on a search engine can be guaranteed, IF the correct keyword research is performed and key phrases are discovered with high daily traffic and a low number of competing sites. There are many, many of these, but very careful keyword research needs to be done. This is why marketing local SEO is among the best sales jobs there is.

OK, so now they have a first page ranking on Google. Now the traffic pours in, right? Not really. In today’s world, search engines are not the only places people get information. Social Marketing, using Twitter, Facebook and mini-sites, like Squidoo, Propeller and HubPages are also vitally important in getting high traffic to a site.

Go get one of the best direct sales jobs in America today. As a sales rep, you have a great toolkit to use in selling a largely undersold local marketplace. A great opportunity awaits a self-motivated sales rep who wants to show local businesses how they can utilize the Internet to get new customers quickly, and most of all, inexpensively.

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