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Publisher’s tips: What makes a good carp magazine?

When it comes to publishing a top notch carp magazine it really is not as simple as you would think. Angling is one of the most popular pastimes in the country and carp fishing in particular is very popular so there is no shortage of demand for a good magazine. However it is easy for such a specific topic to tread on old ground when it comes to features and layout so an editor who wants to captivate your audience should try and use their imagination.
One of the essential ingredients for a first class carp magazine is strong feature writing. Regular top tens for things like equipment and locations are a must as well as interesting one-off pieces which will really engage readers.
Obviously a carp magazine needs to contain all the latest news to compete with the other publications on the market. Old news is no better than no news so it is important for editorial staff to have their fingers on the pulse of the carp fishing community. Opening communications with events organisers and equipment manufacturers is the best way to get exclusives and have the most up to date news section on the market. It is also vitally important for a carp magazine to be responsive to its readers. Encouraging the audience to write in with competitions and letters pages really helps build the circulation up as interacting with readers keeps them interested.
Review writing is the backbone of any special interest publication and a carp magazine should be no different. Scrutinising the latest gear and places for carp fishing is really what most readers are looking for. To do this properly you need staff who love carp fishing to write for your carp magazine and can provide worthwhile insight and opinions the audience can relate to.
One carp magazine which embodies all of the above is Carpaholixx. Written by experts who are carp fishing mad, the publication features all the latest news and products. It is one carp magazine which you can rely on for a good read so visit the website,, for more information.

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Filipino magazine launches 1st complete 3D-publication in the UAE

MINT MAGAZINE, the newest magazine for Filipinos in the UAE, will launch the first complete 3D magazine in the region, in line with the celebration of the Philippine Independence this June.

Dubbed “Pinoy Freedom in 3D,” all the photos and artworks in the special edition will be enhanced using a technique for creating optical illusion of depth called stereoscopic or 3D imaging (3D glasses will come with each copy of the magazine). This innovation is the first of its kind in the entire Gulf Region – a statement that Mint Magazine is a pioneering publication in the UAE and that Filipinos hold a glorified concept of freedom.

“We innovate to figure out a way to capture our readers’ attention and in the process connect with them through stories that will uplift and change their lives,” Mint Magazine’s editor and creator Jonah Cruz said.

“There is an abundance of creativity in the media industry. Technology creates out-of-the-box thinking to deliver stories to the readers. Mint Magazine is about old-fashioned commitment to maintaining high standards of journalism fused with fast-paced changes in the media to develop high-value content,”

Cruz added.

The idealistic young editor who is only in her late twenties believes that this venture is a tall-order task but not impossible to achieve. “Because we want to inform the people and not fool them, the task will be easy,” Cruz averred.

The special issue of Mint Magazine will tell stories of Filipino people’s struggle for freedom on a personal level such as overcoming fears commonly experienced or dealt with by OFWs (overseas Filipino workers). Topics will delve into the social costs of migration – most common of which are having estranged family relationships brought about by years of parents working abroad.

Other issues will talk about emancipating oneself from bad habits such as nicotine addiction, gambling or alcoholism. Tips on how to become debt-free during economic hard times will also be provided.

Mint Magazine will also discuss women emancipation – in particular, it will shed light into the heated discourse over the proposed RH (Reproductive Health) bill in the Philippines. It will also look into how religion is being used as a form of subjugation but on the other hand can also be used as a tool for liberation.

A review of pop culture in conjunction with Pinoy migration can also be read in the special 3D issue.

Defining Mint Magazine, Cruz said, that it is “about telling people to step out of their comfort zone; to do something that will challenge their perceptions of who they are and what they can do to give them the courage and self-confidence to do things that will allow them to develop their self-worth.”

She added that “offering a magazine in 3D is also an innovative marketing approach that will reverse shrinking advertising revenue and dropping circulation in the print industry.”

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