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Ensure Functionality With Your CRM Software by Charlene Conway

Companies make bad decisions on their CRM software every day. Part of the reason is because they are tempted by promises that companies make within their marketing efforts that they don’t bother to focus on actual needs. The truth is, functionality varies from program to program, therefore it’s critical not to make a bottom-up decision.

The bottom-up decision is focusing on the technology aspect of customer relationship management instead of the functionality. While one CRM tool may have a lot of technology with great bells and whistles, it may not integrate into other technologies, which means that it can take longer to use and require more work for employees.

When you’re looking for CRM software, you will find it much better to focus on creating a list of functions that you want. Customer relationship management is different for everyone. Whether you want real-time tracking on sales, the desire to make recommendations to customers, track the likelihood of a customer making a certain purchase or analysis of marketing campaigns, you should be able to get that from your software.

The problem lies with not making this list. You may find that the CRM software that has the best deal is completely unequipped to provide you with half of the things that you have stated as being important to you. You are then left with an expensive software program that now must be customized to give you what you want. This will not only be time consuming but expensive.

Microsoft Office was designed to make your life easier. Most likely, you have much of your data in Word, Excel and other formats. You also probably use Microsoft Outlook as your mail server. When this is the case, you can improve the functionality of your CRM tools by making sure they are tightly integrated with Microsoft Office.

Even if you are involved in cloud computing, using Microsoft 365, your CRM tools should be designed to work with your data that is stored in these formats. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is integrated with office. This means that you can see productivity reports, analysis and much more within the Outlook interface and transfer your data seamlessly between Dynamics CRM and Office.

When you have found a CRM software that you think will meet your needs, you need to take it for a test drive. This will ensure that you can use it out of the box and that it will be user-friendly. Some customer relationship management tools are designed to follow the same processes and flow as you have always used. Others will require you to modify your way of doing things to meet the workflow of the tool. Before you make an investment, it’s critical that you get an easy to use tool that will function the way you expect it to.

Agility, stability and affordability are all important factors to consider when shopping for a CRM program to simplify your business. However, choosing a product based on such things as a free month’s trial, the salesman was friendly or because your competition is using it are not strong enough things to go on. You need to make sure that you can use Microsoft Office seamlessly with the product. You also need to make sure that it allows you to carry out all the important functions. CRM is one of the best ways to remain profitable in today’s economy, which is why choosing the right product is so important.

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