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Save some serious money at a furniture sale. by Punjabi Sunil

A furniture sale back in my younger days was an annual event. There were some bargains to be had but by and large, the items in the sale were quite frankly either rubbish, ugly, poorly made or all three. I love a bargain but buying something just because it’s cheap is a false economy. It’s very tempting when you see the words furniture sale to buy just because you are saving 10 or 15%. There is little point however in buying something you don’t need or particularly want just because you are getting a good saving.

To stretch your budget you need to buy exactly what you need or want; that is where the real savings are. A furniture sale happens seasonally now, as most retailers have to make way for new stock and new ranges of furniture. The difference between a furniture sale thirty years ago as opposed to today is that today’s sales really do offer up some stunning bargains. You no longer just get offered the items that nobody wanted to purchase over the rest of the year. You get offered fantastic pieces of furniture that are current and everyone will want them!

If you have a particular retailer in mind, it’s worth signing up online to their newsletters or regular emails. By doing that you will get the inside information way ahead of anyone else and you can be first in there when they have a furniture sale. Imagine getting that fabulous coffee table you have had your eye on, with 15% off. There is nothing quite like the feeling of getting a great bargain that gives you something to show off in your home. A bargain price makes the piece of furniture even more precious in my book.

If you are aware of a sale coming up, it could pay dividends if you have a look at the furniture available at full price. If something in particular does catch your eye and you really feel you could do with it, well, you may find yourself lucky and it will be in amongst the furniture sale items. Being one-step ahead in the shopping and savings game can give you substantial savings on the things you want for your home. The beauty of a furniture sale is that you cannot only get the piece you want, but with the money you save you could get an additional item to match.

There is a saying ‘you have to speculate to accumulate’ and there is no better way to accumulate that fabulous furniture than in a furniture sale. Whatever time of year it is there is sure to be a furniture sale just round the corner. By planning ahead and buying only the things you need, there are genuine savings to be made. Be savvy, be restrained and be on the lookout and you will find some beautiful furniture at a very reduced price.

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