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Windows Laptops versus Macbook Notebook Computers

Nearly every day the consumer is confronted
with commercials concerning the ongoing battle between Macs and Windows
laptops. Due to the latent economic environment, the consumer must be
wise and ha…

At face, the better buy would be the Windows operating system laptop.
It’s low cost and well-established user settings in Windows make it a
desirable choice. But now the argument for Windows, on the behalf of
software compatibility, has been phased out by Apple’s innovative edge.

Macs now run Windows along side of the Mac OS X platform, greatly
leveling the gap between the user’s preference of the laptop¬ís
capacity. Macs can be seen to surpass PCs in the myriad of software
built into their machines. Apple’s decision to have the Mac offer a
vast amount of multi-media software has led to its categorization a
“creative” tool. But with the ability to run Windows software on
laptops and notebooks and increased options for users to produce audio
and visual recordings etc., the term “creative” is hardly a limiting

In fact, it insinuates that Macs are more concerned with optimizing the
use of their notebooks rather than just selling you a product. Sure, PC
laptops can be upgraded, cameras and microphones can be attached, but
the concept of the laptop style entails user mobility. In the case of
the Mac, all of these features are included.

The optimization of use vindicates upon the sole instance that Mac
laptops provide their users with built in security. Since Macs aren’t
as vulnerable as Windows system laptops to viruses, users seldom have
to worry about the cost of repair, let alone replacing their computer.

Therein, although the Windows laptop’s low cost appears desirable, the
Mac’s cost can be thought of as an investment. And in times of a
struggling economy, we appreciate a safe investment.

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