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Have you ever had a sales job? How about internet sales jobs? Both of these jobs involve selling something, but they are completely different due to the method you are selling the product. I use to work in a sales job all throughout college and into my professional corporate career. I sold a service to customers all across the Untied States. The company I worked for was a global company and I talked to people over the phone over 3000 miles away trying to get their business. Day in and day out I was stressed; my boss was all over me trying to make sure I reached my sales quota. I was constantly being pushed to the limit and the hours were horrible. I worked around the clock getting paid nearly minimum wage because my paycheck relied heavily on my sales. It was a tough business selling over the phone, I couldn’t imagine face to face. I was beginning to not enjoy life and quickly looked for an alternative. With a little research, I found some internet sales jobs that really received my interest. These may have been sales jobs, but for 1 it was a real work at home job, and for 2 you are your own boss.

Now I am sure your thinking to yourself, man it would be so great to be my own boss. I thought the same thing after all the idiot manager/supervisors I have worked for. Some of them had no business being in that type of position. With so many idiot supervisors and working a dead end sales job, I decided it was time to focus on internet marketing. Now there was an internet marketing course available to help guide me the way, and thank god I went that route. I would have been lost without it. Internet jobs at home are hard to come by, but finding the right one will lead you to success. I highly recommend finding one that you enjoy and make lots of money. Do not get stuck in a dead end sales job which I was stuck in.

I started my affiliate marketing network career in no time. I was selling products but it was all online and not to people over the phone. It was a relief and an adventure at the same time. It was fun trying to find a new affiliate marketing product. With the right affiliate marketing strategies you can take yourself to over 10K a month in no time just like I did. We aren’t talking about internet online surveys jobs which are complete scams; we are talking about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is extremely profitable and is here to stay for a very long time.

Please remember when you come into affiliate marketing, it may be easier than selling in real life, but still you have to work hard at it in order to be profitable. Many people fail due to the fact they do not spend enough time and try hard enough at it. In whatever you decide to do, I wish you the best of luck!

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