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Sales Jobs Interview Techniques and Tips

From the moment

that you spot a job to the time that you go for the interview, there is a

pattern that needs to be followed to ensure that you maximize your chances of

landing the job. There are a separate set of techniques for the interview

itself. But that part comes later.


An employer

looks will classify each and every CV into two categories based on how it has

been posted.


There is the

employee who understands what the company is looking for, highlights those

points in the CV, teams it up with a nice and effective covering letter and

then submits it.


Then there is

the second type who simply posts it and hopes to be picked for the interview. It

is an obvious fact that employers prefer the first type.


The interview


Now that you

have come to the more difficult part of a sales interview, here are some Sales

Jobs Interview Techniques.


You need to understand that the first part of

the interview will be an HR manager.

While some may complete this interview over the

telephone itself, there are others who may even give you a form to complete.

This may be followed by an IQ test or a

psychometric test. This is a time sensitive and is used to judge your decision

making ability.

Take your time and answer each question. Do not

ponder over each one.

 Being a

sales interview, you can expect some straight sales questions.

How would you sell me a shoe? It is aimed at

looking whether you can understand the needs of the buyer.

There might be other questions like how many

leads can you make in a day?

The following rounds will determine how you

relate to your business and the customer.

You must be careful about what you speak.

Good listening skills are a plus during any



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Providing Jobs through Job Boards

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