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Dribble Your Way to Owning a Dodge Ram

Dodge, the DaimlerChrysler division, is about to give away one Dodge Ram 1500 SLT Quad Cab unit that will come equipped with a HEMI engine. The car manufacturer invites consumers to “Dribble for a Dodge”. The contest will be held on March 13th of this year in Atlanta, Georgia. The winner of the said contest, aside from winning a brand new Dodge, will also be awarded two tickets to the NCAA Championship game. The amazing prizes to be awarded to the contest winner would be just as amazing as the performance of brake components from EBC Active Brakes Direct.

Dodge will pick out 150 individuals to participate in the said contest which will test the endurance of the contestants. The prize, of course, is a strong motivating factor since the vehicle to be given away is equipped with a legendary engine – the HEMI. The basketball dribbling endurance contest will test the mettle of each contestant who will come from all the different walks of life. From 150 starting contestants, Dodge will pick out the MVD or the Most Valuable Dribbler which is essentially the last person left dribbling. The tickets for the NCAA Championship game are another strong motivating factor for contestants since it is their ticket to watch the most exciting collegiate basketball players in the world.

Michael Manley, Vice President for Sales Strategy and Dealer Operations, Chrysler Group has this to say about the upcoming contest: “The Dodge Ram is the longest lasting full-size pick-up truck on the market, therefore, we thought it would be exciting to tip-off Dodge Truck Month and basketball madness in March by challenging consumers to prove their toughness on the basketball court and see who can outlast their competition in a basketball dribbling endurance test.”

As the Dodge Ram has outlasted some of its contemporaries in its segment, the contest also will find out who will outlast everyone else in dribbling. For those who are long time aficionados of the Ram, this is the perfect time to own one or another one whatever the case may be. All you have to do is dribble, dribble, and dribble. Although much easier said than done, outlasting 149 other individuals in dribbling sure is the easiest way I know of to own a car with a legendary engine.

Dodge, which started as a bicycle manufacturer and makers of other machine parts, are inviting Dodge enthusiasts who are interested in joining the contest to register at from February 16 until March 6 at 5 p.m. (ET). For consumers to be eligible for the contest, they have to be 18 years of age or older. They must also have a valid driver’s license at the time of the entry. Of all the registered participants, Dodge will randomly select and inform 150 persons to compose the starting lineup.

The Dribble for a Dodge Contest is a basketball dribbling endurance contest and will be held in a regulation basketball court. Each of the 150 contestants will be given their own space on the court. They would then dribble their HEMI-branded basketball and the last person left dribbling will drive home a new Dodge Ram 1500 SLT Quad Cab which he or she can drive to the NCAA Championship game. To allow a fair play, referees will be on hand.

Dodge is using this strategy to further increase the popularity of their pickup. They seriously need events such as these to catch the attention of the motoring public now slowly turning their back on large trucks and SUVs. This loss of attention for trucks and SUVs has spelled declining market shares and sales of the brand and the Chrysler Group.Anthony Fontanelle is a 35-year-old automotive.buff who grew up in the Windy City. He does freelance work for an automotive magazine when he is not busy customizing cars in his shop.
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