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Finding Work As An IT Specialist by Mark Doherty

Information technology, or IT, specialists are becoming incredibly important to a prosperous business. IT specialists, after all, oversee specific areas of a company’s computing, software, and networking processes. For example, an IT specialist with a healthcare provider may oversee the maintenance and security of a patient information system that is unique to the particular provider. The importance of these positions means that exceptional graduates with an eye for technology can land these positions and succeed over the long term. However, it can be tough to find these jobs in the UK, as companies are looking for the cream of the crop in the UK graduate professional pool.

Exceptional graduates can enter the IT specialist field by communicating directly with a desired company. Whether it is a major IT firm or a company looking to develop an IT department, IT specialists can learn a lot from company websites. These sites often feature extensive career sites and job listings for interested candidates. The benefit to going directly to the company site to find open jobs is that a graduate can review the company’s goals and offerings while they ready their application materials. As well, while many graduates give a cursory view of these sites, many use other sources for their IT specialist job opportunities.

Once a graduate exhausts the list of companies offering IT specialist positions, they should check out online job sites. Online job sites are often contracted out by IT firms or companies hiring IT specialists in order to get the broadest collection of applications possible. After all, IT firms are notorious for thinking outside of the box” and hiring professionals with creativity and technical savvy. Online job sites, therefore, offer the opportunity for IT specialist aspirants to find a wide range of job listings in one place and submit applications to all of them electronically.

While the aforementioned methods of finding IT specialist jobs are important, IT specialists should look to recruiting firms as a place to market their skills. There are plenty of general job recruiters and specialized firms that can help a talented graduate find their ideal IT specialist job. Experienced recruiters can help an applicant refine their interviewing and application skills while they help them find an array of jobs that fit their ideal professional environment. Overall, an IT specialist aspirant should use all of these methods in order to get a complete view of the profession and find the best job possible.

Mark Doherty is a Director of Alexander Chapel Associates. A specialist sales recruitment company with a focus in IT sales jobs, logistics jobs and supply chain recruitment.

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