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From Foreign Exchange Jobs to MICE! The Real Landscape of Travel Jobs London by Frontiers

Travel jobs London are not just about working at ticket desks or in hotels. Those roles do exist in the London travel industry †of course they do. But there’s so much more going on than only foreign exchange jobs, or only ticket selling.
Take MICE for example. Never knew that the travel jobs sector had cute furry rodents running around in it, did you? It doesn’t of course, but the point serves to underline the number of positions really available for people with all sorts of transferable skills, in the travel jobs London sector.
Let’s start by looking at MICE, which actually stands for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events. MICE employees are just as important as foreign exchange jobs managers and foreign exchange operatives †it’s just that you don’t see them because they do most of their work behind the scenes. MICE workers are the people who put together the meetings that put together the travel packages.
Travel jobs London include all kinds of technical and cross-skill positions that can put anyone in a rewarding sector. Accountants are needed in all travel companies, as are IT professionals, helpdesks and backup computer experts. Marketing professionals are needed to help deliver the holiday package to the consumer; and product executives are required to make sure that each company’s product stays on trend and gives the customer what he or she wants.
Foreign exchange jobs can take place either in the familiar front facing environments of travel agencies and airports †or in the less well known travel jobs London arena of business to business direct sales. Foreign exchange jobs in business concessions require smart, dedicated and presentable people who are comfortable dealing with large sums of money in different currencies.
Travel jobs London will put you in touch with an industry that traditionally provides plenty of exciting opportunities for its workers †not least the possibility that you may end up being asked to go and work in a different country! No matter what your position within a given travel agency or travel company, from foreign exchange jobs to MICE and managers, you are often working for global concerns with offices and positions in some very attractive locations!
Travel jobs London typically command very reasonable salaries for the field in which the job is situated. Foreign exchange jobs can expect starting salaries of around 16k per annum, with managerial positions scoring a salary in the mid-20s. All salaries are dependent on experience of course.
So you can see there is a lot more variety to travel jobs London than you might have thought. The travel industry is a huge edifice, which requires all the backup, support and services that any other global enterprise needs. From foreign exchange jobs to tech support, there is something here for everyone.

Foreign exchange jobs are the ultimate travel industry jobs †well rewarded and extremely challenging. It is the perfect way to earn the money with job satisfaction.

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