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Swiftons Travel Goods, Makers Of Swifton’s Luggage Scale, Launches Official Twitter Account

Swiftons Travel Goods, Makers Of Swifton's Luggage Scale, Launches Official Twitter Account
Swiftons Travel Goods, Makers Of Swifton's Luggage Scale, Launches Official Twitter Account

June 30, 2014 – Beaverton, Oregon — Swiftons Travel Goods, producers of high quality travel accessories, announce launch of official Twitter account.

The purpose of Swiftons Twitter account is to communicate new product launches, special offers, and company news. In addition the Twitter account will be utilised for sharing content from other publishers which are deemed relevant to the Swiftons customer.

Established 2014, Swiftons are a relatively new player in the travel goods market. They have an ambition to make an impact within the category and pride themselves on producing high quality durable product, which they back with a three year warranty.

Managing Director Michael Galvin commented “At Swiftons we are huge fans of Twitter and many of us in the office have personal accounts. We felt it was time to launch an official Swiftons Twitter account to better reach and communicate with our customers, and to coincide this with the launch of our new luggage scale.”

It is Swiftons commitment to quality and customer service, combined with a desire to bring an element of fun and nostalgia to design, which sets them apart from competitors. Swiftons Spring-Summer 2014 packaging draws on inspiration from the 1950s, updated to offer customers a retro aesthetic with a modern feel.

In the process of developing their first product, Swiftons luggage scale, the company found that other brands in the category offered bland, corporate packaging which felt conservative for a market which is about fun, adventure, excitement, and experience.

Marketing director Emma Bailey commented “After researching the category for our first product, Swiftons luggage scale, we believed there was a lack of product and packaging that met the consumer where they were at the time of purchase – about to embark on something exciting, be it a vacation by the beach, or an adventure of some description. We believed we would best serve the buyer by matching their emotional state with that of our product, and came up with something which we hope our customers will love”

Swiftons luggage scale will be available soon for purchase. The luggage scale will be sold through online stores forming part of a multi-channel retail strategy.

Buyer Threse Rafferty commented “Online retailing is a fantastic platform for testing product and packaging design, and gaining valuable insight from real customers. We intend to monitor feedback we receive from customers, and adapt our luggage scale to include new features which weren't raised in the market research phase. Nothing beats the experience of real customers when it comes to telling you what you're getting right and what can be improved upon. The Twitter platform will be instrumental in receiving valuable pointers from consumers and will help us continually improve our luggage scale, ensuring it remains the best luggage scale available on the market”

The official Swifton's Twitter account is now live.

About Swiftons Travel Goods

Swiftons Travel Goods, makers of Swifton's Luggage Scale, brings a refreshing sense of fun and adventure to the travel goods market. The company is committed to producing high quality product, playful packaging, and backs each product with a three year guarantee, thus supporting their dedication to exceeding customer expectations.

Michael Galvin

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