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Sony KDL24EX320BU Plasma TV Sale – Low Price, Best Features

LED TV is also an LCD TV, the difference between the two is just that for the LED TV it uses an LED backlighting instead of the Cold cathode (CCFL) which are used to traditional LCD television. The use of the LED backlighting provides a more dramatic effect and in which it results to a thinner panel, less power consumption and better heat dissipation. This also provides a brighter display and better contrast levels.

One of the plasma TV sale is the Sony KDL24EX320BU 24-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p Edge LED Internet TV with Freeview. This is a super slim and compact LED screen, in which it is ideal for rooms such as studies, bedrooms or kitchens. One can enjoy the movie in a crystal clear, intensely detailed high definition entertainment in the comfort of your own home and without even compromising on space.

This exciting world of HD makes your favorite movie brought to life in a high definition, fine detail and rich color. This full HD 1080p resolution will provide you more than 2 million pixels for a smooth, high resolution image. This is also a Wi-Fi and internet browser built-in in which one doesn’t need a pc to stream you favorite videos through your broadband connection, so you can enjoy and share videos in YouTube, social networking such as Facebook and catch up on the services from BBC iPlayer for news. One can also do a Skype video call with the use of this television, come to think of it is already all in one. This LED TV has a built-in Freeview, no need for any subscriptions, contracts, satellite dish and even any set top box. All you need to do is simply plug in to you external TV aerial and access all your channel using just one remote control. This television will provide you clearer picture and natural colors, as is it was real life. The detail is designed perfectly with degradation or noise, even when watching standard definition pictures.

The package description is as follow, it has a width of Width 1902 hundredths-inches, has a length 2594 hundredths-inches, height 504 hundredths-inches, and a weight 1984 hundredths-pounds.

I really enjoy owning this TV it gave me a lot of savings, not only from the time I purchased it but as well as when I’m using it since it helps me conserve energy unlike other television which eats up electricity. This is an all in one TV; everything that you need you can have it by just owning this.

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