Web Based Sales Force Automation

Hosted CRM Solutions from a Manager’s Perspective

CRM, Customer Relationship Management

is a method or process that is used to know the customer’s behavior and their

needs and it helps in developing a stronger relation with them. This is only a

definition of CRMit is also termed as a process in which information about the

customers is saved together like their monthly sales, response of the public

towards their product, market trends and marketing effectiveness. These assets

are very useful in calculating the overall progress and future targets of the

company. However CRM is commonly used in large companies where it is the

requirement for the company to know the whereabouts of the company.

1. Hosted CRM use very

less Resources

A hosted CRM uses very less resources as compared to the original software. In

the case of web based CRM, all the resources can be used via internet, it means

that hosted CRM software can serve more customers and it can help in generating

business very easily. It is very effective to give best customer service; it

really gives a boosting height to the company sales.

2. No software

deployment is required

In traditional CRM solution, one needs to provide Server Software, Client PC

software and all the servers and PCs with staff members to install software and

hardware for the administrator. This is not the case with hosted CRM as it

requires only a PC with high speed internet connectivity. It means that it

really reduces workforce and helps in reducing pay roll bills who are working

in different locations or different countries. It really affects in generating

huge revenue for the companies.

3. Hosted CRM needs Less


The companies that does not use hosted CRM, needs a lot of unnecessary

equipments like Oscilloscopes, Signal Generators, Network Analyzers, Power

Meters, Frequency Counters, Spectrum Analyzers, Multimeters and Logic

Analyzers. Definitely, like their names these all equipments are more

complicated in operating as well as in storing the devices. All these

equipments are very expensive but they are used only when needed.

Advantages of Hosted CRM

There is a lot of difference between installed software and hosted software,

but the concept or motto of both the software is same, improving customer

relations. Most of the companies are giving attention to CRM because they all

want to track their customer record and their sales. It will give them an

insight of improving their product as per the audience needs. The best part of

CRM is that it remembers the important dates, information and sales graph very


Hosted CRM is not very

expensive so it is the best thing for the small scale companies, which do not

have sufficient revenue but they really need CRM software in order to make

their sales and leads. For some small companies CRM is necessary to increase

the revenue as it helps in boosting efficiency of the company. Without hosted

CRM, the small companies can run into a big problem as there are two main

concerns for these companies – one is cost and second is time. Installed CRM is

much more costly as compared to hosted CRM and most importantly, in case of

installed CRM or on site software, they definitely need a professional to come

and install software for them. Implementation of traditional CRM software

involves months or years but implementing hosted CRM takes only initial set up,

data migration, integration and configuration. While comparing the cost of

software, the price of hosted CRM is actually a fraction from traditional CRM

and most importantly it really reduces the time taken in implementing.

Traditional CRM involves months and years in implementation, but in case of

hosted CRM the time reduces to few weeks.

Online Vendors

Hosted CRM software is used mostly in call centers, e-procurement, document

management, Sales Force Automation, Enterprise Resource Planning and Supply

Chain Management and in some e – commerce applications. Introduction of CRM

really helps the organizations in boosting their sales and improving their

customer relationship. There are several online vendors for the hosted CRM who

provides paid as well as free CRM software. Administrators should check the

terms and conditions of the online CRM software before buying it. Some small

organization can develop own CRM on Intranet, but it needs a team of

professional and highly skilled PHP developers.

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